She also explained why she thinks the newlyweds are the perfect match.
Sonja Morgan Josh Flagg

According to Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan, Josh Flagg's pre-wedding festivities got a little out of hand. The Million Dollar Listing agent almost married Bobby Boyd with a bruised face after a near-fall the night prior.

Morgan told People that Flagg's pre-wedding dinner party was "like a wedding itself," complete with lots of wine and champagne. After the party ended, the group moved to the Beverly Hills Hotel for late-night snacks. There, Morgan tried to show Flagg her necklace, which quickly led to the groom-to-be's close call. "He leaned over to see the necklace I was wearing, and that's when he tripped on the stonework, which is easy enough to do," she said. "Everyone goes, 'Did he just hit his face on the chair?! He has a wedding tomorrow!'"

Boyd took his fiancé's accident as a sign that it was time to wrap up the festivities. "Bobby was like, 'Okay, we're going home. We're going to bed. This is not the bachelor party!'" said Morgan. Flagg went up to his room unscathed, and was (despite rumors) cut-free for the wedding the next day. "I think there was concern that there would be a mark on his face, you know," she added. "He's so gorgeous and it's such a big occasion. He and Bobby are just such beauties."

The wedding was just as lovely as the couple, and the entire celebration was "full of glamour, extravagance, history, tradition and love," said Morgan. The reality TV star also said that the newlyweds are the perfect match. "Bobby doesn't come from a flashy Beverly Hills family-he's very humble and he's bringing Josh what he needs, stability," she said. "Josh is fun and enlightening-we're the unicorns, we just light up a room and act silly and make people forget their problems. But at the same time, Bobby can be there for him, to keep them stable and on track and doing what he does best. I'm so happy for them."


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