Plus, hear all about his inspiration and design process.
Elie Saab Spring 2018 Bridal Collection Sketch
Credit: Courtesy of Elie Saab

The debut of Elie Saab's third bridal collection is nearly here (he'll show off his latest designs for New York's Bridal Fashion week on April 20!). A favorite among stars like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Anna Kendrick, Saab is known both for his high-fashion red-carpet looks and his romantic wedding dresses.

In honor of his Spring 2018 Bridal Collection's debut, the designer gave Martha Stewart Weddings an exclusive first look at one of his new designs, seen above. "The ethereal, statuesque gown hides shades of nude beneath embroidered tulle, discretely showing the new hues of the Spring 2018 season," Saab says of the dress featured in his sketch. "Delicate pearls adorn the embroidery that reflect a shimmer when the gown is in movement. Light yet grand, the overskirt once removed unveils a sculptural, fully embroidered gown which allows the bride to glide onto the dance floor. Inspired by the arrival of Spring and the ensuring freshness, this gown embodies the spirit of the season."

In addition to giving us a sneak peek at what's to come, Saab also answered all of our burning bridal fashion questions, including his latest inspiration, his ideal bride, and his very favorite bridal moment.

What was the overall inspiration for your Spring 2018 collection?

"For this Spring, I took my inspiration from a garden in full bloom. I worked around flowers and petals on the embroideries and the lace inserts. I also emphasized it on some of the veils with petals cascading like falling petals from trees in blossom."

Do you have an ideal type of bride you design wedding dresses for?

"I do not have one bride in mind. I want each style to embody a different woman and her unique personality. There is nothing more beautiful and alluring than a confident bride with a relaxed attitude."

Do you find there's a big difference between designing for your different collections?

"Drawing a bridal collection is not different from the others. I dedicate as much time as passion on working on each of my collections. Elie Saab bridal reflects the code of the house while respecting the femininity of each woman."

We always say a bride's wedding day is her "red carpet moment." Do you see any similarities between red carpet and bridal fashion?

"I think it is important for a bride to look for timeless inspiration rather than the 'look' of the moment. When it comes to bridal, I don't look for inspirations on the red carpet."

What's your favorite bridal moment?

"When the future bride is trying on dresses for the first time and finds the one."


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