This is how you can keep the eldest members of your families involved.
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Having grandparents that are able to take part in your wedding day is a cause for celebration. For that reason, many couples want to honor the patriarchs and matriarchs of their families in some way, but aren't always sure how to go about doing so. Luckily, Stefanie Cove, founder of the wedding planning company Stefanie Cove and Co., had plenty of tips on how to give the grandparents special roles in the wedding without putting them to work. Read on for her sweet suggestions on making sure your grandma and grandpa feel included in a meaningful way.

Put Their Secret Recipe on the Menu

There are two things grandparents like to brag about in this world: their grandchildren and their cooking. Using a family recipe somewhere within the celebration-like an appetizer, edible favors, or even the wedding cake-is a touching gesture that will make your grandmother or grandfather feel the love.

Borrow Something to Wear as Part of Your Wedding Attire

It's always nice to incorporate family heirlooms into your day-of look, but if you're not sure how else to accessorize, Cove suggests this creative gesture: "Instead of using your grandma's brooch in the conventional way, turn a vintage heirloom into a hairpiece or pin to wear on your wedding day." She also recommends sewing something of your grandparents' into your dress, whether it's a piece of your grandfather's clothing or material from your grandmother's favorite apron. If it fits and you love it, you could also think about wearing your grandmother's own wedding dress down the aisle.

Make Them Part of Your Sweetheart Table

To make your table settings even more impressive, use your grandparents' wedding china, either only on the bride and groom's sweetheart table or on the entire head table if you're having one. Don't worry about mixing and matching, it's all part of the charm.

Display Their Big-Day Photos

While you're looking for a way to arrange place cards, consider displaying your grandparents' wedding portraits on the table. It's a guaranteed spot that ensures everyone will have a chance to see the couple who started it all during the party.

Use Their Wedding Cake Topper

This suggestion will make your wedding cake that much sweeter. "We have used the grandparents' vintage cake toppers before rather than a new more modern version of the couple," says Cove. Already have a topper you love? Don't sweat it. Cove also suggests having three wedding cakes, one with your own wedding topper and each set of grandparents' toppers on the others.


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