Plus, they share their tips for finding an engagement ring that's uniquely you.
Modern Engagement Rings from Jemma Wynne x Stone & Strand
Credit: Courtesy of Shay Platz for Stone & Strand

Not every bride is looking for a classic engagement ring. In fact, more and more women are looking for a ring that is unique, modern, and representative of who they are, but still feels timeless. So how does a bride-to-be find a ring that feels of the moment but is traditional enough to stand the test of time? Enter the new engagement ring capsule collection from Stone & Strand and Jemma Wynne, two New York-based fine jewelry companies. The secret behind the new collection, which launches April 11? Pairing a traditional round stone with a unique, geometric setting.

"The pieces place the familiar round diamond in unconventional settings, and incorporate refined details such as dainty pavé settings, blackened accents, and open bands to create a look that is very current, and extremely special," Stone & Strand founder Nadine McCarthy Kahane says of the collection. "We were really excited when Stone & Strand approached us to design a bridal capsule for the modern bride," Jemma Wynne designers Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin say of the partnership. "These rings are designed for the classic bride with a little bit of edge."

Here, the three women share their top tips for selecting a modern engagement ring or wedding band that you'll love forever.

Stay Simple

"Even if you want something unique, it's important to stay simple," Klatt and Wynne Lalin say of your wedding jewelry. "We recommend staying away from anything too busy looking and focusing on something with really beautiful craftsmanship and design elements. Most likely, your taste will change over time and you'll want something that is unique but timeless."

Start with One Feature

McCarthy Kahane suggests you begin shopping for your ring with whatever you feel is the most important detail in mind. "Think about what is most important to you style-wise, what will make you feel innately you, and then go backwards seeing what kind of metals and stones your budget can afford," she says. "Finally, don't forget to consider wearability and durability. You want it to last!"

Think About Your Style

"We believe that it is really important for your engagement ring to be in line with your personal style-after all, you will be wearing it on a daily basis for a very long time!" McCarthy Kahane says. "Something doesn't have to be loud or completely out of the box to be unique. It can be about the small shifts and unexpected detail that comes together to make something truly personal."

Klatt and Wynne Lalin agree. "It's important to try on different styles because there have been many times that we have had a girl walk in thinking she wants a specific shape, but once she tries it on her finger she ends up liking something else. Go with your gut feeling of what you truly love. Shopping for an engagement ring is such a personal thing!"

Remember the Band

So your fiancé proposed with a traditional engagement ring. Not a big deal, says McCarthy Kahane. "Bands are becoming so much more thought out, and we're fond of the idea of a woman who wants to be playful about it." Klatt and Wynne Lalin add that your band should be able to stand alone. "You might not always wear your engagement ring, so it's important to get a wedding band that looks beautiful on its own."

Handmade in New York City, the collection will be available at Stone & Strand's Tribeca showroom as well as on with prices starting at $5250.


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