Remember this time for years to come, plus set the tone for future holiday celebrations.
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Now that the wedding has come and gone, you can finally enjoy being married. Whether you just tied the knot or are mere months away from your first anniversary, the holiday season brings a sense of intimacy and romance that is truly special. You might be getting your very first Christmas tree or lighting your new menorah for the first time during Hanukkah. Even those who aren't religious are likely gearing up to embrace the colder weather and the festive spirit that comes with it.

However you and your partner choose to spend your the season as newlyweds, there are endless opportunities for enjoying this time together. We talked to relationship expert Dr. Dawn Michael and got her tips for making your first married holiday extra special.

Make memories.

The holiday season usually has you signing up for fun activities you might not do at other times of year, like shopping for gifts, decorating the home, or sleigh riding with family and friends. "Spend some time taking pictures of the things you're doing, even if it's as simple as making a seasonal dinner," says Dr. Michael.= "Take photos of everything and then sit down together to make a photo album so that you can look back on your first holiday together for years to come."

Begin new traditions.

Now that you've created a household together, it's time to start creating your own holiday memories and traditions. "Have a talk about the traditions you both grew up loving, then let those ideas inspire you as you create some of your own," Dr. Michael says. This could be as simple as talking about which holiday movies you love and which ones you plan on watching before the year ends, or how you'd like to mark the holiday season as you start your own family.

Be grateful for each other.

Part of being in the holiday spirit means remembering to count your blessings. Be grateful, not only for the wonderful wedding the two of you planned, but also for the fact that you have each other. "Talk about how wonderful it feels to be a couple in love and to be together, as opposed to alone and apart," Dr. Michael suggests. Putting your feelings into words is important in helping the two of you connect.

Volunteer together.

Along with being grateful for your partner, Dr. Michael suggests spending time helping others who may not be as fortunate. You could volunteer at your local food bank, buy toys for young children whose parents might not have money for presents, cook dinner for a lonely neighbor, get involved in a holiday chorus and go out caroling, and the list goes on. Giving back as a couple will spark intimacy between the two of you and also remind you why you chose this person to spend your life with.


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