Figure Eight Bow

The figure eight bow, with its concentric loops, has just a touch of the rococo.


The Tools

  • Two lengths of ribbon, one shorter than the other
  • Magna-Tac Glue
Anna Williams


Form a loop at one end of ribbon; then, glue in place using Magna-Tac glue.

Anna Williams

Wind the rest of the ribbon back and forth, forming a figure eight with each layer and making each a little larger than the one before it, until you've created three stacked figure eights. Glue the figure eights together at the points where the ribbon crosses. Hold together until the glue sets. Allow to dry.

Anna Williams

Knot the second length of the ribbon around the loops at the center; rotate the knot so the smooth side is at the front. Then, trim the ends of the ribbon to create a short tail.

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