Give a shout-out to your brothers and sisters on your big day.
sisters in field

Perhaps nobody understands you better than a sibling. You and your brothers and sisters share a special bond that spans from carefree childhood into busy adulthood. You're able to share laughs over family jokes, awkward adolescent years, and silly arguments of years past. No matter how much you bickered with your siblings growing up, they still mean the world to you-which is why you want them by your side on your big day. Here are eight creative ways to involve your siblings in your wedding.

Invite them to be part of the wedding party.

If you're extremely close with your sister, include her in your bridal party, either as the maid of honor or a bridesmaid. The role will give her an active job in your wedding, since she'll help coordinate the pre-ceremony activities (like the bridal shower and bachelorette party) and serve as your right-hand woman during the planning process. Any bride close with a brother can bring him on as a "man or honor" or "bridesman," or else ask their groom-to-be to include your brother in his wedding party.

Ask them to read at the ceremony.

To personalize the ceremony, many couples appoint loved ones to perform readings or blessings. Consider asking your sister or brother if they're up to the task. Have them recite a reading selected by you and your partner, or let him/her choose a meaningful passage.

Let them officiant the nuptials.

By getting ordained, your sibling can become qualified to officiate your wedding. What better way to add sentimentality to your ceremony?

Make them the official greeter.

Let an outgoing sibling welcome your guests as they arrive, serving as a ceremony attendant to answer questions and relay information about the proceedings. You're going to need someone to pass out wedding programs and encourage everyone to sign the guest book.

Let them help you get ready.

Growing up, sisters often experiment with fashion and beauty by giving each other makeovers and manicures-not to mention raiding each other's closets. Reminisce about your younger years by inviting your sister to go wedding dress shopping. What's more, your sister can help you get ready on the morning of your big day, even if she's not part of the bridal party.

Ask if they'll host the bridal shower.

Whether or not your sister is a bridesmaid, she can step up to host the bridal shower or bachelorette party. She probably understands your preferences on food and activities, and she might also have the advantage of using your childhood home as a venue. Keep in mind that brothers can also play host to pre-wedding events like the rehearsal dinner or a co-ed bridal shower.

Invite them to serve as an usher.

At larger weddings, couples may have ushers to direct guests to their seats. Have a friendly brother take on the role, guiding guests to ensure the pre-wedding setup runs smoothly. Bonus points if he knows lots of people attending the wedding, since everyone appreciates finding a familiar face in the crowd.

Turn to them as your DIY pro.

Wedding tasks don't have to feel like a chore! Let your siblings enjoy big day preparations by playing up their talents. A crafty sister can DIY your reception centerpieces, while a food-loving brother can barbecue for your rehearsal dinner. Make sure to show appreciation for their efforts, and enjoy the memories you make with your lifelong partners in crime.


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