One way we hope to add a vintage feel to our wedding is through photography. We plan to have many photos taken in black & white or sepia. We're also asking the photographer to use a film camera to capture some moments. But as I walked into Tribeca Dental and could feel my heart pulsing in my ears, I started to have doubts about being photographed at all. "Do I have to smile on my wedding day?" "Maybe I can ask the photographer to Photoshop my gap out of every pic." I kept questioning whether or not I wanted to go through with the pain that would surely come from a procedure like this. I mean closing a gap that's as big as mine has to require pretty intensive prep work, right? What had I gotten myself into with this Martha Stewart Bridal Beauty Diary thing? I had no clue what to expect on my first Invisalign® consult but for some reason I kept envisioning drills, screws and nurses in black scrubs inflicting excruciating pain upon me. Crazy, I know, but it seemed all too realistic.

Thankfully I wasn't left to my own thoughts for very long. The receptionist quickly called me in to see my dentist, Dr. Alla Dorfman, and her team of nurses. Just as I was prepared to ask a million questions, starting with "how much are you going to hurt me, lady?!", the nurse began to give me a step-by-step overview of how my first appointment would go; and it happened just as she said. She first took before pictures of my smile both from afar and close up. I mean she really got in there with the lens. These photos will be used to compare my teeth before and after treatment. Next she explained how she was going to make impressions of my teeth with this putty-like material that fit into trays and molded to the framework of my teeth. The mold felt very soft and elastic as if someone surrounded my teeth with chewing gum. This process occurred on the top and bottom rows of my teeth twice with two different types of molding. Each time she placed the tray on my teeth for 1-3 minutes and applied a little pressure to make sure she got the full structure of my teeth.


Once all rows were done she grabbed the trays and stepped out of the room for what felt like hours. At that time I prepared myself for the worst. I was absolutely sure she was going to come back with silver, shiny, sharp metal tools, but to my surprise she turned the corner with nothing but a smile.

She informed me that we were all done and in a few weeks I would be able to see my Invisalign ClinCheck®; which is the animated preview designed to show me how my teeth will move into alignment. What, no drilling? No metal? No pain? Absolutely none! Thank the heavens! I know this is only the first appointment but I was almost certain I was going to regret this and my dream for my wedding day would be blemished. But thankfully I'm still all in! I can't wait until my Invisalign aligners arrive and I'm one step closer to my bridal smile!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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