Arrive at your destination looking like a gorgeous, glowing newlywed.

You intend to look like the vision of loveliness from the moment you arrive at your honeymoon destination until you leave. But all sorts of things can happen on the trip over: your ankles may swell from a lack of circulation or your skin suddenly looks dull and dehydrated thanks to an airplane's dry, stale air. We talked to the experts about how to avoid such maladies so you can look beautiful on arrival!

Problem: Parched lips

Solution: Hydrate by drinking a lot of filtered, fresh water (with lemon or lime, if possible). Or switch it up with coconut water, 100 percent juice, or decaffeinated tea. "Alcohol, caffeine, and soda can cause dehydration, resulting in tired, dry skin and not feeling your best," says Angelica Ballesteros, spa manager at AWAY Spa at W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. "Not a great start to the rest of your life!" While the coffee addict in you may need caffeine to function, try to limit it to one cup. "Your skin and complexion will thank you," says Ballesteros.

Problem: Swollen feet and ankles

Solution: "Keep your feet elevated on your carry-on tucked under the seat in front of you, and squeeze your calves as hard as you can a couple of times an hour," says Monya De, M.D., who practices internal medicine in Los Angeles. "Drink enough water to require two bathroom breaks on the plane." Try Vim & Vigr, compression socks are not like the ones your grandma wore. They will keep your blood circulating by carrying oxygen throughout the body to better distribute to sore muscles and may prevent leg swelling, and reduce leg achiness and fatigue.

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Problem: Bloated belly

Solution: If you can find a quiet spot, "do planks in the airport while waiting for your flight, and avoid any foods that cause gas, like beans or broccoli. Don't sip out of any straws, either," says Dr. De.

Problem: Jet lag

Solution: Make a jet-lag strategy ahead of time. "Apps and websites, like Jetlag Rooster, help formulate a game plan on when you should sleep, how long you should sleep, and other helpful hints for making sure you spend less time recovering and more time exploring from the moment you get to your dream honeymoon spot!" says Lindsey Epperly, a luxury travel consultant and honeymoon specialist at Epperly Travel.

Problem: Dry, dehydrated skin

Solution: The recycled air in the plane can easily dry out your skin. "I always suggest using a night serum and a rich moisturizing cream before a flight and re-applying it during the flight," says Jamie O'Donnell, a wedding planner and lifestyle expert. "It not only makes you feel refreshed but helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight. I suggest the same for your lips by using a rich lip balm throughout the flight."A hydrating and calming sheet mask works too. When the cabin lights are turned off (or even if they're not), leave a sheet mask on for 20 minutes to hydrate your skin.

Problem: Breakouts

Solution: Planes have notoriously stale, dirty air-and that can lead to breakouts. Fly clean-faced and use a cleansing wipe before you board and after you land to remove all the impurities you collected in flight.

Problem: Travel fatigue

Solution: Again, try to plan some time to rest on your flight. It's tempting to catch up on all the free movies you haven't had a chance to see, but pulling an all-nighter on the plane isn't going to put you in a good place when you land. "You don't want to waste your first day of your honeymoon exhausted in your room, so set a limit on computer and TV time," says O'Donnell. When you get to your hotel, you'll be ready to enjoy the destination and each other!

Problem: Swollen, red eyes

Solution: Skin is naturally thinnest around the eyes and needs extra attention in-flight so you can look awake and refreshed when you land. Carry an eye cream on board and use around your eyes to keep the skin from drying out and making you look tired.

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