27 of the Best-Dressed Fathers of the Bride

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KT Merry

Traditionally, the father of the bride has one of the most coveted roles in a wedding: walking the woman of the hour down the aisle. In that moment, all eyes are on him and his daughter as the bride makes her big-day debut. Although her ceremony ensemble is the main attraction, the dad's outfit is important, too. Many fathers dream of this milestone from the moment their daughters are born⁠—they deserve to look and feel their very best, as well.

Deciding on a wedding outfit for the father of the bride isn't always an easy task. There are so many suit and tuxedo options—as well as colorways and prints—to choose from. At a loss, Dad? We say let the wedding's formality and locale inspire your attire. If your daughter's big day is taking place on the beach, make like this proud father and channel oceanic hues throughout your look. His gray suit lent a classic, formal feel to an inherently casual setting. For a more relaxed seaside soirée, a khaki suit offers summery vibes thanks to its light shade. You can even opt for a tie-less and barefoot style for a low-key event on the sand—just make sure you score your daughter's approval first.

If you're a father with a great sense of style, show off your fun personality in the best way you know how. A patterned tie, pocket square, bold color, or unique boutonnière can all speak to your hip taste. You can also use your fashion knowledge to complement your daughter's bridal ensemble for a cohesive appearance. Although your greatest accessory is bound to be your proud smile, the outfits ahead will help inspire a look that you'll be proud of for years to come.

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Springy Pastels

Odalys Mendez

Pair a khaki suit with a light blue shirt and seasonal boutonnière for a springy pastel aesthetic. To recreate this dad's fashion, forgo the tie to keep your appearance casual.

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Sleek and Complementary

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Kristen Kilpatrick

A classic tuxedo is a great choice if you wish to complement your spouse's formal ensemble—especially if his or her's look is a colorful one. You'll both look sleek, without looking too matchy-matchy.

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Cooling Accessories

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Elizabeth Austin Photography

Stylish accessories not only look good, but they can shade you from the elements at an outdoor event. That's why this dad wore sunglasses and a black fedora; both protected him from the sun.

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Bold Hue

father of the bride wearing black suit with pink shirt and tie combo
Greg Finck

This father sported a matching pink tie and shirt as he walked his daughter down the aisle. Since he went with just one bold hue for both articles of clothing, the stylish statement worked.

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Blue Print

father of the bride wearing a navy blue suit with a blue printed tie
Mallory Dawn

Put a stylish twist on a sleek blue outfit by pairing it with a patterned tie of the same hue.

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Unified Bond

steph tim wedding ceremony processional
Scarlet O’Neill

If you're walking your daughter down the aisle with someone else, coordinate looks to symbolize your shared influence in the bride's life. Here, this father and his wife wore different shades of blue to show their unified bond.

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Sheen Finish

dani jackson wedding processional
Erich McVey

Dress-up a traditional black tux by opting for an ensemble with a sheen finish. The glamorous touch is perfect for an outdoor wedding—the sunlight will showcase the texture beautifully.

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Diversified Color

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Rachel Havel Photography

Finish off your one-shade style with accessories that diversify your look. A silver watch and deep brown shoes lent color to this father's blue-and-white outfit.

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Golden Sun

father of the bride wearing a black suit with gold tie
Jenn Emerling

Model your look after this dad's and pair your black suit with a gold tie for a fun pop of color. The metallic shade is perfect for a formal tropical wedding, since it speaks to the celebration's sunny locale in a traditional way.

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Spotlight Shade

father of the bride wearing an all gray suit
Taralynn Lawton

Highlight your father-of-the-bride status by wearing a different shade suit than the wedding party. This dad sported a gray ensemble while the other men wore black.

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Neutral Gray

father of the bride wearing a black suit and charcoal gray tie
Leeann Funk Photography

Add a subtle pop of color to your classic black outfit with a gray tie. The sleek hue is neutral enough for a traditional celebration.

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A Nod to the Bride

father of the bride walking bride down wedding aisle
RaeTay Photography

Copy this father and wear a tie that enhances your daughter's lipstick—his choice of a purple accessory complemented the bride's plum pout.

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Summery Tuxedo

John Dolan

As evidenced by this dad, a white tuxedo jacket is the perfect light-hued ensemble for a black-tie wedding in the summer.

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Detailed Ensembles

father and daughter walking down the aisle
Michael Radford

Get inspired by the bride's wedding dress when picking out your own outfit. This newlywed's Amanda Wakeley gown had a detailed top, so her father also went bold with a patterned tie.

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Coordinated Attire

bride and father-of-the bride
Greg Finck

If your daughter is wearing a colorful wedding dress, let the hue influence your tie's shade. This bride's ensemble was a subtle gray, which her dad enhanced with his matching accessory.

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Tailcoat Suit

Gayle Brooker

Your big-day ensemble can make a major statement without any hues or patterns. This father went all out with white gloves and a tailcoat suit for his daughter's formal wedding.

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Pocket Square

fathers daughter moments perry vaile
Perry Vaile

Forgo a boutonnière for a printed pocket square to show off your love of fashion. How sleek is this dad's teal accessories? He used is to complement his green tie.

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Traditional Aesthetic

fathers daughter moments kt merry
KT Merry

Enhance the traditional aesthetic of your daughter's big day with a classic black suit and bow tie paired with a white shirt. As you can see here, the style is timeless.

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Floral Nod

wedding processional
Erich McVey

Nod to the bride's clutch as you walk her down the aisle with a floral tie that matches her arrangement.

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Classic White

Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography

Color coordinate your outfit with the bride's and wear a white jacket to match her dress. Although the look is less common than a black suit, it's just as classic.

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Subtle Ties

aerielle dyan wedding processional
Katie Mick Photography

Since this stepdad's blue tie and gray outfit didn't align with his daughter's red-and-white wedding color palette, he wore a berry and ivory rose boutonnière as a subtle reference to the celebration. We suggest doing the same if you're looking for a way to tie your ensemble into the event's aesthetic.

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Timeless Look

The mother of the groom and father of the groom walking down the aisle
Heather Waraksa

Complement your spouse's all-black, formal gown with a traditional tuxedo. It's a choice that you'll look back on and love for years to come.

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Preppy Plaid

Natalie Watson Photography

Show off your preppy sense of style in a subtle way with a plaid pink-and-aqua tie, like this father did.

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Powder Blue

Collin Hughes

Make a major statement down the aisle by wearing a powder blue suit. This dad's outfit was made out of linen, which lent beachy vibes to this seaside celebration.

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Tropical Climate

father of the bride walking bride down outdoor costa rican wedding venue aisle
Olive Studio

Keep cool during your daughter's tropical destination event by opting out of a jacket for the big-day. The casual statement is great for a relaxed soirée.

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Festive Berries

lauren christian christmas wedding parents
Rodeo & Co. Photography

Recreate this father's lapel accessory and wear a berry boutonnière to lend a festive, wintry feel to your outfit.

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