And you may not even realize you're guilty of these time-robbing crimes!
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Managing your time throughout the wedding-planning process can be beneficial not only to your mental health, but also to your relationships with your vendors, family, friends, and soon-to-be spouse. With so many decisions to make along the way, it's really easy to get bogged down in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Here are just a few of the many projects that may be eating up too much of your time during wedding planning, plus what you can do to better focus and stay on track.

Excessive Research

Spending too much time researching, especially on social media, is usually a recipe for time management disaster. While it may take quite a bit of time on the front end to nail down the style and design you'd like for your wedding, it's usually best to stop once you establish a look you love. Often times, especially with couples who have a longer engagement, it's easy to get sidetracked by all the amazing and creative ideas you're seeing online; if managing your time wisely is a big priority, stick to your original plans.

Being Unorganized

Whether you need an app, a book, a wedding planner, or a whole slew of organizational tools to keep you on track will depend entirely on your personal work style. We highly encourage couples to find a way to stay organized as early as possible. If you know it's generally hard for you to keep track of paperwork and meet deadlines, the help of a professional wedding planner may be invaluable.

Too Many DIY Projects

If crafts and DIY projects are something you enjoy, then absolutely go for it, but if you're coming up with various wedding projects just because you think you need to, it's time to reassess your priorities and think through how you can best manage your time. If giving up a craft or two will free up your time to focus on more pressing or more important things, listen to your instincts.

Micromanaging Vendors

If and when you can give your vendors samples of what you like, they're usually happy to have the input, but going as far as making a list of songs to play and avoid for your DJ really isn't the best use of your time or theirs. Instead, hire vendors you trust and have candid conversations when you think something might be headed in a different direction than you'd anticipated.

Doing Everything Yourself

Delegate, delegate, delegate. When you find yourself in a bind, the best thing you can do is ask for help. Your siblings, friends, and parents are probably just waiting for you to pick up the phone and call. Reach out when it gets tough and get help with the smaller tasks so you can focus on the big jobs that only you can handle, like writing your wedding vows.


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