Keep guests cool with these ideas.
hayleigh corey wedding lounge teepee

If you've always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, planning a spring or summer celebration ensures you'll have the best shot at beautiful weather. While most couples worry strictly about what they'll do in the event of rain, there's another type of weather you should think about: heat. If the temperatures rise or the sun is out and shining, guests can get too warm pretty quickly. To ensure your guests are comfortable and your outdoor celebration goes off without a hitch, you may need to think about ways to provide relief in the form of shade. Here, some of our favorite ways to create shady spots at your spring or summer wedding.


Umbrellas are an affordable way to provide cover for guests who need it-plus, they can double as favors. Dark colors will always attract the sun and make it even hotter, so choose a brightly-colored umbrellas if your goal is to help guests cool down. Clear umbrellas should also be avoided, as these create a greenhouse effect. Pick one style and stick to it: You don't want to see a bunch of random colored umbrellas in the background of your photos! Paper parasols are pretty, popular options, too. You could also set up patio umbrellas instead of individual ones that move with guests.

Tented Lounge

If you're hoping to avoid tenting your entire wedding, consider renting a tent for just one section of the celebration, like cocktail hour or your lounge. This will ensure that there's a spot for guests who are too warm to escape to during the party.

Leafy Greens

If you can, choose to have your ceremony and reception in spaces with a lot of greenery or trees that can offer natural shade. You'll love how it looks in your photos, and your guests will appreciate the break from the sun if it's unbearably hot outside.


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