Nope, it's not a tiara.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in Edinburgh
Credit: Getty

While Meghan Markle will likely be showered with magnificent gifts ahead of the royal wedding, the most valuable present of all will likely come from her future in-laws. According to The Daily Mail's sources, Kensington Palace is set to present the soon-to-be royal with her own coat of arms-a meaningful crest-ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry.

Receiving a coat of arms is a longstanding royal tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, Vogue reports. The symbol includes a crest, a motto, and supporters (details that supplement the crest), and is representative of a family's ancestry. While the coat of arms will be personal to Markle, these are generally presented to the father of the incoming royal. In this case, Thomas Markle should be given the coat of arms.

While the Palace has yet to confirm whether or not the Markle family will receive this honor, it seems likely-especially since the same gift was given to the Middleton clan ahead of Duchess Kate's marriage to Prince William. Her symbol included three acorns, one to represent each of the Middleton children; they're also commonly found in her hometown of Bucklebury and are representative of strength. When Kate married William, she placed her family's coat of arms besides William's (this is called an "impaled" coat of arms); Prince George and Princess Charlotte are now represented by this joint crest.

Experts expect Markle to do the very same, reported Glamour. Considering the fact that Markle and Prince Harry's future children will also carry this symbol, her consultation with the College of Arms-the party responsible for creating these crests-is paramount. The Markle coat of arms will likely contain a nod to their American (or Californian!) heritage. As for the rest of its details? We'll just have to wait and see.


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