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Lightly Frosted Wedding Cake Topped with Mini Cactus
Ashley Rae Photography

Move over succulents! There's a new and unexpected heavy-hitter making waves in the wedding world. Enter, the cactus. You may be familiar with the prickly plant from tropical vacations and your favorite garden stores, but now it's time to get acquainted with cacti in terms of big-day décor.

You can choose to add them throughout your day in place of or along with flowers, or you can use them sparingly as a fun decorative element. We particularly love stationery suites with a cactus design, cakes topped with mini cacti, or centerpieces studded with the unique plants. But the options don't end there. You can also use them in your signature cocktail, for your wedding signs or escort cards, and as your ceremony backdrop.

What we love most about incorporating cactus decorations into your wedding is that they're a fit for all seasons, but make for an especially great summer or tropical destination wedding. Since they're incredibly heat-tolerant, you'll never have to worry about them wilting or drooping throughout the day. Even better, they can be arranged in advance, so consider working with them for DIY projects or anything that needs to be made ahead of the wedding.

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This two-tiered naked cake was decorated with the perfect finishing touch: A mini flowering cactus.

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Colorful Cactus Place Setting

Calligraphed Place Setting with Cactus
Charla Storey Photography

We don't know what's better: the calligraphed plate that serves as a place card, or the flowering cactus that pops against the neutral-colored table setting. This couple went bright and bold with their centerpiece flowers, so they made sure their entire tablescape was tied together with the cactus favor.

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Cactus Envelope Liner

Cactus Wedding Invitation Suite
Elyse Hall Photography

Although this entire stationery suite features mini cactus details, it's the patterned envelope liner that really stands out. This little flap can be the perfect place to make a big thematic statement, just like this couple did here.

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Bright & Bold Cactus Centerpieces

Tall Cactus Centerpieces
Gideon Photo

These prickly plants may be green themselves, but that doesn't mean you can't use them in part of a punchy décor palette. Here, flowering cacti coordinate with the cople's bright pink-and-yellow tablescape.

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Cactus Ceremony Backdrop

Cactus Ceremony Backdrop
She Takes Pictures He Makes Film

Even if you aren't lucky enough to swap "I do's" with the natural desert as your backdrop, you can copy this couple's ceremony look nearly anywhere. Pot up a variety of different cacti and arrange them behind a simple wooden ceremony structure for a look that's unique and statement-making.

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Cactus Cocktail Sign

Cactus Cocktail Menu
Bash Calligraphy

Make cacti an essential part of your wedding décor by using their paddles as the perfect sign. This mini cocktail guide, created by Bash Calligraphy, is perfect for a desert-inspired celebration.

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Cactus Cake Topper

Cactus Wedding Cake Topper on White Cake
Andrew Jade Photo

When you find a heart-shaped cactus paddle, it's pretty much a sign you should use it as part of your wedding day décor. How cute is this simple white cake, topped with the most romantic cactus we've ever seen?

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Cactus Place Setting

Cactus Place Card
Anna Roussos

Wow your guests with a calligraphed cactus paddle on each place setting. Write names to guide guests to the correct seat, or leave everyone a fun message, like "We are so happy you are here!" as this couple did.

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Cactus Invitation Suite

Watercolor Invitation Suite with Cactus Details
Olga Plakitina Photography

In addition to adding an illustrated cactus to their wedding invitation, this couple included a photo of colorful cacti on the back of their stationery inserts.

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Cactus Wedding Favors

Mini Cactus Wedding Favors in Kraft Paper Bags
Chymo & More Photography

Send guests home with a mini cactus they can treasure long after the wedding day is over. You can tuck them inside kraft paper backs and affix a thank-you note to the front.

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Cactus Ceremony Decorations

Potted Cacti Ceremony Decorations
Cara Robbins Studio

Line your aisle potted cacti in a mix of different sizes for an affordable yet eye-catching look. Bonus points if you sprinkle flowers around the base of each terracotta pot, as this coulpe did here.

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Cactus Table Number

Cactus Table Number
Tec Petaja Photography

No one will have trouble finding their seats when you've marked each table with a cactus number. Ask your calligrapher to pen table numbers on large cactus paddles for a look that really pops.

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Cactus Table Runner

Reception Tables with Potted Cacti
Gaby J Photography

Forget flowers! Arrange a mix of different cacti along the length of your table for a fresh take on the ultra-popular floral table runner. Trust us, your guests haven't seen this done a thousands times already.

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Painted Cactus Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Decorated with Cactus Motif
Charla Storey Photography

Love the look of a cactus but don't want something quite so literal? The painted bottom tier on this colorful wedding cake, which features a cartoon-inspired cactus illustration, might be more your style.

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Cactus Centerpieces

Cactus Wedding Centerpieces
Megan Welker Photography

Did you know you can mix cacti in with your other wedding flowers for unique, textural centerpieces? The tropical arrangement seen here us is a great example. The couple took their love of cacti one step further with place cards stamped with a plant motif, too.

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Cactus Escort Cards

Hanging Cactus Escort Cards
Cameron & Kelly Studio

These hanging escort cards are the perfect way to introduce the prickly plants into your wedding day. Whether you want to sprinkle cactus décor elements into the rest of your day or not, these escort cards are the perfect stand-alone idea to try the trend.

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Cactus Stationery Suite

Cactus Wedding Invitation Suite
Charla Storey Photography

This couple wanted cactus details in every element of their paper products—from the save-the-date and the invitation to the response cards and the "do not disturb" door tags.

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Cactus Favors

Cactus Wedding Favors
Chymo & More Photography

Send guests home with these adorable little favors and we're certain your friends and family will be talking about your day for months to come.

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Cactus-Topped Wedding Cake

Two-Tiered White Wedding Cake Topped with Cactus
M. Felt Photography

Arrange two cactus paddles into the shape of a heart for a cake topper that's sure to pop when paired with any confection. We especially like the look with this patterned white treat.

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Cactus Place Card

Cactus Place Card on Linen Napkin
Ben Q. Photography

Pin a mini name card to a cactus paddle for a place card guests haven't seen before. They're especially eye-catching when arranged on a classic linen napkin.

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Cactus Ceremony Decorations

Baskets with Cacti
Ace & Whim

Line your aisle with woven baskets filled with cacti for a simple yet statement-making display. We especially love the addition of colorful pom-poms for a bold pop.

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Cactus Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktail Made with Cactus
Angela Zion

You can do more than just work cacti into your décor. In fact, you can even use the plant in your cocktails and dinner menu. Our favorite use of a cactus has to be in this prickly pear mezcal mule.

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Mini Cactus Centerpieces

Rustic Tabletop with Mini Cactus Centerpieces
Ashley Rae Photography

This tablescape is picutre-perfect, but our favorite detail has to be the mini flowering cacti that make up the centerpieces. Their color-coordinated flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

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Cactus Desserts

Pie with Cactus Crust Top
NBarrett Photography

Not sure how you feel about using a cactus as an actual ingredient? You can still make the plant part of your dessert without using the flavor. We love these mini pies, which are topped with a cartoon cactus made out of extra crust.

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Illustrated Cactus Invitation Suite

Colorful Wedding Invitation Suite with Cactus Motif
Dana Fernandez

This colorful invitation suite featured multiple illustrated cactus motifs. Play with different colors and patterns on yours for a similar look.

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Cactus-Topped Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake with Cactus Topper
Tamara Grüner

Light pink frosting ensures this cactus cake topper really stands out. We especially love the tropical-hued flowers that were used as accents.

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Cactus Table Runners

Cactus Centerpieces with Gold Sprayed Bottles
Marion Heurteboust Photography

Tucked in between rose gold bottles, these potted cacti make the prettiest simple centerpiece. We love them for a laid-back reception.

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Cactus Cupcakes

Cake and Cupcakes with Frosting Cacti
Natalya Obukhova

These adorable cactus-topped cupcakes are totally edible. Consider asking your own baker to whip up some mini desserts decorated with frosting plants.

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Cactus Stationery

Blue Cactus Wedding Invitation Suite
Tamara Grüner

This cactus-loving couple chose a bright plant-inspired motif that was included on every aspect of their wedding stationery. Even their thank-you cards featured a colorful cactus design!

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Colorful Cactus Table Runner

Cactus Wedding Reception Table
Aaron Dyer

These flowering cacti come together as the prettiest take on a table runner. Not a fan of yellow? Consider pink or orange flowering varieties for a similar look.

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