The bold designer dished on how she achieves her low-maintenance beauty look.
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Accessories designer Lizzie Fortunato has always had a specific point of view-her namesake brand practically started the statement necklace trend in 2008. Since then, the line (which she runs with her twin sister, Kathryn) has become a staple for anyone searching for bold, worldly-inspired jewelry. It was only fitting that for her own wedding last August, Fortunato, pictured above with her new husband Peter, outfitted her entire bridal party in earrings from her collection.

Unlike her jewelry, the New York City-based designer's beauty aesthetic is less statement making and surprisingly low maintenance. This was especially true on her wedding day, the recent bride says, as she really wanted to look and feel like herself. Here, we give you a refreshingly stress-free wedding beauty regimen, courtesy of the radiant newlywed herself.

The perfect haircut.

"I have really short hair that doesn't require much maintenance, but I'm particular about the exact length-I get it cut almost exactly every four weeks," Fortunato says. She knows she likes her hair best one week after a haircut, so she worked backwards from her wedding date and mapped out a schedule for salon visits so that her locks would be the exact length she loves on her big day. "For styling, I use Prejume, a Japanese styling wax that I buy on Amazon. It's awesome-I put it in my hair in the morning after it's dry, scrunch a little in, and it holds the shape all day without making my hair feel greasy. I did it for the wedding just like I do every other day."

Touch-up free makeup.

Fortunato favors a light, natural beauty look, so she initially planned to do her makeup herself. Ultimately though, the bride decided she would be busy with other things that morning, so she asked a friend who does the hair and makeup for her lookbooks to create her wedding look. "I admire people who can go super glam for their wedding and do a bright lip, but I knew it would be smudged or on my teeth, and I didn't want to have to do touch-ups," she says, so her artist delivered a low-key look using many of the products Fortunato already uses on a daily basis.

"I was pretty specific about not wanting a lot of eye makeup-I don't wear it day to day-but she put a little mascara on and then RMS Living Luminizer on my eyelids," Fortunato explains. "It didn't feel like I was wearing heavy eye makeup, but it photographed nicely and popped a little bit. For concealer, she also used RMS Un Cover-Up, and Glossier Boy Brow, and then RMS Lip2Cheek in Beloved. She finished with Hourglass Ambient Bronzer."

A trusted skincare regimen.

"I didn't go crazy with facials before the wedding," Fortunato explains, adding that she maintained her normal skincare routine because she knew it worked. "I use Bioderma makeup remover at night and Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum after that, and in the morning, too. It's expensive but it's really worth the investment. I have pretty sensitive skin and it's one of the only products my skin loves. I wash my face in the morning every other day with Osmia Organics Oh So Detox soap-it's a charcoal soap." She touts her regimen as "simple but effective" so she doesn't like to mess with it too much.

A mindful wellness regimen.

For Fortunato, her eating and fitness routines didn't change much in the months leading up to the wedding, but she did make small changes to help herself feel great. "I didn't eat that differently, but I'm a huge bread and toast person and I went easy on those types of foods two weeks before the wedding," she says. As for working out, she touts yoga and pilates as her personal favorites. "I did a lot of yoga beforehand for my own piece of mind more than anything else. The yoga studio I go to, Stellar Yoga Space, is nice because it's not crazy challenging, but more meditative and relaxing. They had a 30-day challenge where you had to go to yoga at least 20 out of 30 days in July, so signing up really got me to go," she explains. "I also do Pilates and primarily go to Flex Studios."

A fragrance she loves.

Fortunato says she's been wearing the same fragrance-Cowboy Grass from D.S. & Durga-for a year and a half, so it's what she gravitated towards on her wedding day, too. "The brand is by a husband and wife couple, and they're in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. I love their scents because they're offbeat, and I like the packaging. I've become friendly with Kavi, who's the wife of the team, and she says Cowboy Grass is not one of the big sellers-it's quirky," she says. "But I was never a big scent person until I found this. It doesn't smell like a typical fragrance."

A classic manicure.

"The wedding was two hours outside of the city-I went up on Wednesday and the wedding was Saturday, so I got a manicure and pedicure in the city on Tuesday," she says. "I had a neutral color on my hands and red on my toes."

Her best advice for future brides.

Fortunato's number one piece of advice to other women getting married is to always try to look like yourself. "You don't want to have pictures from your wedding day comparing yourself to some ideal for one day. Nor would I do anything too rash, like experimental skin treatments, or anything that will make you too sore from working out," she says. "Just get into healthy habits and maintain that." Another good bit of wisdom? Remember to eat. Fortunato says she was so excited on the morning of the wedding that she didn't really feel hungry, but was glad she grabbed a quick sandwich-a BLT!-before getting dressed. ("It gave me energy and made me ready to dance," she swears.)

Last but not least, consider a spray tan, she suggests. "I've only done it like once in my life, but I went to Sweetheart Tan in Brooklyn and the girl there did such a good job and made it look really natural," she says of her big-day glow. "I'm pretty pale and with a white dress it made me feel great, and covered a few blemishes on my back. It wasn't blotchy or too dark at all."


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