Surprising her is part of the fun.
wedding ring in box

Keeping secrets from the woman you love is never a good idea-except when you want to surprise her with a proposal! Once you've carefully selected an engagement ring-you may have even spent months designing a custom piece of jewelry!-the last thing you want to do is have your soon-to-be fiancée discover it before you pop the question. Here are a few clever ways to keep her in the dark and ensure she doesn't stumble across the engagement ring before you're ready to get down on one knee.

After picking it up from the jeweler...

As soon as you get home from the jeweler, you need to have a plan in mind for hiding it. One of the best places to stash it? An off-season coat pocket or a pair of boots. She definitely won't stumble across the ring box if you hide it in clothing you're currently not wearing. If seasonal clothing isn't an option, consider a space she can't reach on her own. A high shelf she doesn't typically use would work. Things like your tool box or the crate where you store your vintage vinyl LPs also make great hiding places if you know it's highly unlikely that she'd be looking in those places for anything. One spot you shouldn't leave the ring? Your gym bag. It won't be safe at all if you bring the bag in and out of the house on a frequent basis, and there's no telling when she might do you a favor and start a load of laundry for you.

If the idea of bringing the engagement ring into your shared home ahead of the proposal terrifies you, go ahead and ask someone you trust to hold onto it for you. Whether it's your best buddy or mom, this person should be tidy and organized. You don't want to ask them to hand over the goods only to find out they forgot where they stored it!

When you're ready to propose...

Hiding the engagement ring in your home is tough, but hiding it on your person in the moments ahead of the proposal is arguably even harder. When you're ready to pop the question, consider dressing in a loose-fitting jacket. This isn't a time to show off your bulky biceps or six-pack abs in a tight tee. Wear some loose with deep pockets that can conceal the box. A jacket won't work? See if you can hide the ring box in your sock. Your loosest pair will work best (and there are actually some ring boxes designed specifically for this purpose!). Practice walking with the box in your sock and see if it feels comfortable enough to do for real. Make sure your pants leg covers the evidence!

There's no rule that says you have to hide it on your own body, though. Your backpack or a towel you're taking to the beach could both be good hiding places. Planning a picnic proposal? You could tuck the ring box inside a folded stack of cloth napkins or inside a clean, empty takeout container.


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