You said, "Yes!" Hooray! You want to tell the world—itching to update your Facebook status proto. Oh, and who wouldn't want to share that gorgeous ring on Instagram? Hold on for just a moment. While it's practical to make one big announcement, it's best to share this happy event with the people in your closest circles first. Here's a helpful communication tree, as curated by Elizabeth Duncan, lead planner at Elizabeth Duncan Events in Washington DC, to spread the good news.

1. Parents

Even if your fiancée asked for a blessing in advance, or they are in cahoots on the surprise, your parents are anxiously waiting to hear the details on how the whole thing went down. Dial your soon-to-be in-laws next.

2. Grandparents

In all likelihood, Grandma Betty has started the engagement countdown ever since you first brought him home for Thanksgiving. Make her day! She is going to be heartbroken if Uncle Ed gives her the news instead of hearing it directly from you.

3. Siblings

Your siblings are probably your closest confidants and have spent many hours listening to you hash out all those awful first dates. They are as psyched that you've found someone who makes you happy as they are to have a new (official) addition to the family.

4. The rest of the family

Ask your parents and siblings to pass along your news down the family tree grapevine. While it would be lovely to tell each aunt and cousin about the details of the proposal, you don't want to spend your first night as an engaged couple chatting away on the phone. They will likely call you a few days later, then you can gush all about it.

5. Best friends

Once you've informed your family, you can share your joy with your best friend-you've probably talked about this day with her a million times. You might want to wait to make this call when you're alone since there will probably be a lot of jumping around and dancing around the room. Plus, you can ask her to be your MOH and start talking about all the wedding planning details.

6. Social media

Regardless of whether you update your status a few times a day or only post on special occasions, wait until all the important players in your life have heard the news. You definitely don't want to start this happy event by accidentally hurting someone's feelings. Think of it this way, if you've connected to everyone you frequently call or text, you're in the clear. Everyone else will understand if they learn about the proposal on social media.

7. Everyone else

People are going to notice that sparkler and will ask you to retell the proposal story. Get ready to relive that moment a hundred times as everyone from co-workers to your favorite barista are going to want to know when and how it happened.


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