When it comes to her list, it's not just about red roses and chocolates.
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For actress, wife, and new mom Blake Lively, February 14th is about more than just romance.

"The things I remember most are the traditions surrounding Valentine's Day," she told Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller on Tuesday during her appearance on Weddings Hour on Sirius XM Stars 109. "I come from a family that was always making things for each other."

Now the founder of Preserve, a lifestyle site that offers a curated selection of American-made, hand-crafted products, Lively is homing in on goods that have a similar sentiment to them, especially for the upcoming holiday.

"What I love about these gifts is that they can live beyond Valentine's," she said. "It's not seasonal, and then the day after it's like, ‘What am I going to do with these now?' These gifts you can really keep forever and pass on to the next generation."

Here are some of Lively's top picks she would choose.

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For All Your Loved Ones

B's Blueberry Stud Muffins are a delicious gift for anyone and a fun tradition to carry on each year. "It's about making something with love," she said. "And chocolate and sugar! The only problem with them is that I made them for the site and then I just kept eating them!"

If baking from scratch seems too intimidating, Lively recommended buying a box mix and then adding your own touches, such as real blueberries or bourbon vanilla. "Adding that freshness to a premade batch makes them more vibrant and alive," she said. "What can I take that is store-bought and reinvigorate it? That's something my momma taught me."

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For the Women in Your Life

Lively likes the In God We Trust heart necklaces for all her girlfriends. "You can never go wrong with jewelry," she said, adding that these charms engraved with sayings like "I gotta man" and "nope" cater to a range of holiday sentiments. "We wanted to have gifts that were in the spirit of Valentine's but also anti-Valentine's."

To make the personalized accessory even more interesting, Preserve and In God We Trust are running a contest for a chance to have your own one-liner made into a Sweet Nothings necklace. You can enter the contest by using the hashtag #preserveoneliners on Twitter and sharing your favorite one-liner.

Credit: Courtesy of Preserve

For Your Main Man

For an heirloom in the making, Lively loves Henley Brands. "My husband saw these great handmade leather pieces and was like, ‘Did you get me this?'" she said, adding, "But he doesn't get to keep them!"

Another favorite for her are Throne Watches, which restores old watch faces. "It goes back to that tradition of giving," she said. You can give one to your boyfriend or husband, or Lively said she wears her own. "I actually like wearing a men's watch," she added.

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