Gorgeous Wedding Invitations with Wax Seals

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If there's one thing that takes a wedding invitation to the next level, it's a wax seal. There's something so elegant, charming, and generally old-world-inspired about the adornment. (Plus, it makes it clear that you've put thought into your stationery suite's design.) To illustrate our points, we've rounded up a few of our favorite wedding invitations with wax seals. The examples range from modern to traditional, but each and every one is undeniably attractive.

These paper goods prove that there are multiple ways of using wax seals on your wedding invitations. Between the color, design, and placement options, wax seals truly give you the perfect opportunity to personalize your suite. Maybe you coordinate the shade of your seal with the rest of your wedding's color palette. Or maybe, you get a custom wax seal made displaying your monogram, crest, or another motif that means something to you and your bride or groom. Once you decide on what your wax seals will look like, it's time to figure out where you'll put them. An obvious choice is centered on the outside of each envelope to close the invitations, but as you'll see ahead, the possibilities extend beyond the emblems' classic use.

This unique watercolor wedding invitation by Phka—which featured a Miidear wax seal with the couple's initials—is just one of the many gorgeous ideas we've included. Click through to view other stationery suites decorated with these special details, and talk to your stationer about incorporating them into your own paper goods.

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Black Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations black wax seal
Lilli Kad Photography

The black medallion seal on this Nicnillas Ink wedding invitation was definitively modern, in part due to its unique shape.

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Blue Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations blue wax seal
Emily Wren Photography

The silvery-blue seal on the vellum envelope of this Golden Hour Paper stationery suite wasn't the only place they were used. The couple also included the seal on their place cards.

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Purple Wax Seal

eliza peter wedding stationery
Paige Jones Photography

This whimsical Joya Rose paper goods set featured the couple's monogram all over, including on the purple wax seal.

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Leafy Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations leafy wax seal
Anagram Photo

A leaf motif adorned this couple's elegant gold Sage Paper Co. seals.

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Monochrome Wax Seal

aislinn eric wedding malibu pink stationery
Joel Serrato

This light-hued emblem was the same color as the rest of the couple's Kelsey Malie Calligraphy suite.

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Initial Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations initial wax seal
Amy Caroline Photography

We can't get enough of monogram wax seals. This one, on an invite by Sweet Zion Paperie, fit the couple's first and last initials.

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Wax Seal with Ribbon

wax seal wedding invitations wax seal with ribbon
Allen Tsai Photography

Pair your wax seal with ribbon for a dreamy finish, as shown on this Seniman Calligraphy stationery suite.

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Square Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations square wax seal
Oliver Fly Photography

Not all seal motifs have to be round—this square monogram by Bell'Invito looked fresh and formal.

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Large Wax Seal

wedding stationery
Jose Villa

This fall stationery suite (a collaboration between Amber Moon Design, Curlicue Designs Calligraphy, and Emily J. Snyder) was all the more impressive thanks to its uniquely-large monogram wax seal.

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Classic Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations classic wax seal
Michael and Carina Photography

This DIY wedding invitation—complete with a monogram wax seal—looked classic and beautiful.

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Splatter Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations splatter wax seal
Amy Caroline Photography

Don't be afraid of a little drip—especially when you DIY. The spots of wax surrounding this Sweet Zion Paperie invitation's seal only added to its beauty.

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Interwinted Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations fruity wax seal
Mandy Liz Photography

This White Ink Calligraphy red seal featured a copper-hued wax seal with an interlocking Celtic knot motif.

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Letter Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations letter wax seal
Mallory Dawn

A pretty initial Get Marked seal adorned this lovely Pirouette Paper wedding invitation.

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Bug Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations bug wax seal
Lilli Kad Photography

Put your love of nature on display with an animal wax seal, like this Owl Post Calligraphy bug one.

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White Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations white wax seal
Fotograf Emma Ivarsson

The white fleur-de-lis seal popped against a red envelope in this Miss Papperista stationery suite.

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Green Wax Seal

natalie jamey wedding stationery
KT Merry

The image on this verdant green wax seal? A peacock! The bird also appeared elsewhere on the couple's Paradise Papers and Stephanie Fishwick stationery.

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Brown Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations brown wax seal
Lance Nicoll

The sandy-hued wax seal—with a leaf motif—fit right in with the rest of this earthy Victoria Krav wedding invitation.

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Freeform Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations freeform wax seal
Cecelina Photography

Here's more proof that you shouldn't fret about a seal that doesn't hold its shape. The end result is often surprisingly beautiful, as shown on this Elins Art Studio suite.

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Wide Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations wide wax seal
Callie Manion Photography

The cool oblong seal on this Oh Honey Paper Co. wedding invitation rivaled any circular one.

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Sprig Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations sprig wax seal
Blue Rose Photography

This Kelsey Malie Calligraphy invite's white wax seal bared a single sprig.

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Custom Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations custom wax seal
Amy Caroline Photography

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Custom monograms are undeniably memorable. Here, one was showcased via a Sweet Zion Paperie wax seal.

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Pink Wax Seal

wax seal wedding invitations pink wax seal
Allen Tsai Photography

A sweet pink wax seal appeared on this In Loft Calligraphy stationery suite.

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Crest Wax Seal

wedding stationery
Amber Gress

Why stop at the monogram when you can display the entire crest? That's what this couple did using their Fourteen-Forty wedding invitation's wax seal.

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Wreath Wax Seal

Paula O'Hara

This couple's wax seal motif featured their initials in a wreath of leaves. La Happy and The Mint Gardener designed their invites.

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Dark Wax Seal

charla jesse wedding blue stationery
Apryl Ann Photography

Blue accents reigned on this Southern Fried Paper stationery suite, including the deep-hued wax seal.

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Fern Wax Seal

weddings stationery
Jen Wojcik Photography

On this Peanut Press Creative wax seal, a fern underlined the couple's initials.

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