Rowdy crowd? It might be worth considering.

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Hiring a security team for your wedding day could help bring you peace of mind ahead of the big day. Just knowing there's a dedicated team on-site who can deal with rowdy guests, block wedding crashers, call emergency services if needed, and generally keep the peace can ease any worried couple's anxiety. Here, we discuss reasons why it might be worth splurging on a security detail at your wedding (yes, even if you're not famous!).

Security can act as peacekeepers.

If you have a particularly rowdy crowd, sometimes things can get out of hand quickly, and it's a nice comfort to know that you can call on your security team to deal with any issues. If guests know there are security professionals on-site, they'll generally steer away from causing a stir. "Sometimes we have security at weddings to help keep the peace from an intoxicated guest or couple dispute," says Alicia Fritz, wedding planner and owner of A Day in May Events. "We don't want the personal choices guests make to effect the rest of the night for others. Having security who is there working for the couple can help diffuse a potential negative chain of events so it doesn't spoil the party."

Security guards can help with any safety issues.

If your wedding reception will be hosted in an area where guests will have to park off-site, having security on-hand offers added safety at the end of the night. Your security team can be available to walk guests to their vehicles if requested and may be able to help with any other safety issues that arise during the wedding reception.

Security is good for monitoring wedding crashers.

The luxury wedding market is particularly prone to wedding crashers, Fritz notes. "Most of the time, it's innocent," she says. "Wedding crashers pop in to admire the party's décor, listen to the band, or stand nearby as the bride makes her way to the ceremony. I think people are genuinely moved by seeing weddings and they have good intentions," but the reality is that most couples aren't comfortable providing entertainment for strangers. Security guards are trained to deal with these looky-loos quickly and kindly so no one from your wedding party has to step out of line to do so.

Some security firms act as emergency responders.

Depending on the firm you hire, your security team might be trained in CPR and first aid. At the very least, you have the comfort of knowing there's a designated person who can quickly recognize an emergency and dial 911. And while it's unlikely you'll need them to do so, it's always nice to have peace of mind knowing your guests are being looked out for.


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