Because china cabinets are so antiquated.
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Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

There are many occasions over the course of your first year of marriage during which you might break out the china you received as a wedding gift. In addition to using the "good stuff" on your table during the holidays and other formal occasions, you might also consider the following opportunities.

Use the teacups and saucers when serving coffee or tea.

It's not every day that a friend stops by for a morning coffee or afternoon cup of tea, so you might as well highlight the occasion by breaking out your wedding china. If these visits become a habit, you might consider picking up a decent selection of teas to have on hand.

Break out the serving platters for a dinner party.

You may not want to break out the full china set for a small dinner party, but you can always use the serving platters to plate up family-style meals and use more casual everyday wares for setting the rest of the table.

Use full sets for special-occasion dinners.

Celebrating a job change or moving into a new house during your first year of marriage? Using your fine china to serve up a lovely dinner for the two of you will make the celebratory meal feel more luxurious than a typical dinner at home. Add some flowers, candles, and nice linens to the table to really step it up a notch.

Use decorative bowls to style accessories around the house.

If you'd like to keep your wedding china where you can see it, you might consider incorporating it into your décor. Things like small decorative bowls and plates make great holders for jewelry, while vases look better styled on a bookshelf than hidden in a cabinet.

Keep the glassware at your bar.

If you have a bar setup in your home, you may consider keeping the wedding glassware and a few small bowls and plates from your wedding stash on or near the bar for easy access when guests are visiting.

Use the small plates for snacks if you're having guests over.

Small china plates and bowls make great serving ware for small snacks like nuts and olives. Mixed with your everyday wares, the china will feel less formal and more eclectic.


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