Vogue went with Kevin Hart's wife to her dress fittings, and we have all the details.
Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish walking up the aisle
Credit: Vera Wang via Instagram

Kevin Hart's new wife Eniko Parrish let Vogue.com in on the intimate moment of her sixth and final fitting at Vera Wang's bridal atelier in NYC. Parrish's dress, a lace and silk crepe mermaid-style gown with a plunging V-neckline, and a luxurious French tulle skirt and bodice hand-embroidered with French Chantilly lace appliqués, took more than 10 people more than 150 hours to complete. "We can't do this for every client," Vera Wang told Vogue. "This is only in couture."

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Parrish was first inspired after seeing the Vera Wang Spring 2016 lookbook photos. "I saw it and I instantly said, 'I need this dress-this is what I want,'" Parrish says. "I didn't have any other than Vera in mind … I always knew that I wanted the mermaid style with a very sleek, sexy feel," she added, and Wang agreed, saying, "sexy is important!"

The idea of a custom Vera Wang gown was a long time in the making as well. Eight months before popping the question, Parrish and Hart were on vacation in Anguilla, where they happened to meet Priya Shukla, the VP of global relations at Vera Wang. Once Hart realized who she worked for, he took Shukla aside and told her that Parrish was "the one" and that he wanted her to wear Vera Wang at their wedding. Now that is fate!

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During the fitting, Wang called out various instructions and fixes to be made to the custom gown. "I'd like to see it more floaty ... I want to see air," she said of the gown's multilayered skirt. One of the most important things in a wedding gown is its ability to move with the bride down the aisle-or down the grand staircase in Parrish's case. "I feel like a kid in a candy store," she said of the multiple fittings, with this final one being the cherry on top.

Eniko Parrish Vera Wang wedding reception dress
Credit: Eniko Parrish via Instagram

Parrish wasn't just there for one gown fitting-what kind of celebrity wedding would this be if there was only one dress? For the reception, Parrish slipped into a custom long-sleeve sheer lace gown in a light ivory hue featuring hand-placed French Chantilly lace appliqués. "I think it's important for a bride to feel comfortable in her dress," Wang told Vogue. "She has to feel who she is and go with that … Women are their most beautiful when they feel their most comfortable."

"[Parrish] went more bare and sheer for the ceremony and more covered for the party," Wang shared. "I always say, it's her day and she should do whatever she wants. No rules."

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"When I do couture it is such a one-of-a-kind-in a good way-painstakingly private, intimate process where you really are able to also collaborate with the client," Wang said. "They were both dresses that were custom-designed for her, inspired by the lookbook, but not literal. She is too couture for that!"

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