How to Throw the Best Surprise Engagement Party

And keep the scoop under wraps 'til then.

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There's no right or wrong way to announce your engagement (though we do recommend you call your parents and closest friends before posting "I said yes!" on Facebook).

But for some couples, the best idea might be to gather those they love the most in the same place and share the good news all at the same time. Here are some tips to help your closest network celebrate your future "I do's."

Create a top-notch guest list.

Don't go overboard with invitations, says wedding planner Abby Elvebak of AE Creative, noting that just close friends and family members are enough for your engagement festivities. "This is a special time to invite people from both sides of your families and closest friends to share in the excitement," Elvebak says. "After this, you can go crazy on social media."

Keep the engagement a secret.

"This is hard, especially when you're so excited and can't stop staring at the bling on your finger," Elvebak says. Conceal the news by not wearing your ring while you're around friends and family until after the party reveal. "Trying to plan a reveal within the first few weeks of the engagement will be key." she says.

Lean on those with sealed lips.

To help facilitate the event, trust a person close to you or hire a professional so that the news of your engagement isn't leaked before your party. Call your sister, your best friend, or consider a wedding planner to take care of party plans for you, Elvebak says, adding that, "Hiring someone else to handle the event details might make keeping the secret easier!"

Have fun when you tell all.

"When your guests really have no idea and think they are just attending a gathering, it's fun to catch them off-guard," Elvebak says. "The mood changes and pure excitement sets in!"

You can drop subtle hints at the party by serving Mexican wedding cookies, ring pops, and champagne. Then you can present your big news through creative gestures. "I love when couples involve their fur-kids into any celebration," she says. Have your dog join the party and, once everyone is present, have him wear a shirt or sign exclaiming the reveal like "She said yes!" Or create your own T-shirts to wear to the party adorned with words such as "Fiancé," "Future Mrs. So and So," or "Future Hubby." "Keep them hidden under a sweater until everyone is present," she adds. "When the time is right, reveal the shirts and see how long it takes for guests to notice what they say!"

Don't wait until the end.

If you delay the surprise until guests are getting ready to leave, you've missed your opportunity to revel in the excitement. After everyone arrives, let them know early on, Elvebak suggests. "This way, you can celebrate all night!"

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