The actor is so excited for Hyland and Wells Adams' big day.

By Sarah Schreiber
August 20, 2019

Though Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams announced their engagement just last month, congratulations from their friends and families—even the bride-to-be's fictional one!—are still rolling in. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Hyland's Modern Family co-star, is the latest to offer his well-wishes to the couple. In fact, he's so happy for his onscreen niece, that he hopes be able to witness their nuptials when they happen—and, hopefully, play a major role in their big day.

Ferguson recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about Hyland's engagement and the actress' incredible relationship with her fiancé. "Wells is an upstanding, wonderful, hilarious, loving human, and I couldn't ask for a sweeter guy to be with Sarah, who I adore," Ferguson said. "It's one of those full-circle moments. I met her when she was so young, and now she's getting married and they are an extension of my family."

Though Ferguson knows it's bittersweet to watch Hyland, who he considers a "family member," move on to the next phase of her life, he's excited to watch this chapter unfold, which is why he "better be invited to the wedding," he said. He wants to kick his status as a wedding guest up a notch, however—ultimately, he's clamoring for one special title in particular. "I would totally officiate," he added. "Why not?"

We'll just have to wait and see who Hyland and Wells choose to participate in their nuptials—but we may not be waiting long. The actress has already started the first phase of wedding planning. Hyland took to Instagram in July to share that she's already began brainstorming her nuptials, reports People. "While Wells goes and does the rehearsal part of this wedding that we're at," she began the video, before joking, "I'm totally not lying in bed stalking wedding and bridal Instagram accounts while watching Say Yes to the Dress."


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