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Are you in the middle of planning your wedding and trying to think of some original ideas that will make your night especially memorable? It's easy to incorporate classic traditions or follow the current trends, but your ceremony and reception is your one opportunity to throw a party that celebrates your unique relationship. That's why you should do exactly what you want. Of course, it helps if what you want is a hit with guests. To help you know what your attendees will love, we spoke with four men and women and asked them to share their all-time favorite memories from weddings they've attended.

A music-focused party.

Jena G. says the most fun reception she's ever been to had multiple musical selections. "The bride came from a very musical family, and they decided to have both a DJ and a band," she says. "I thought it was such a good idea because the DJ would play a 20 minute set, and then the band would play. You never got tired of the music because there was constant entertainment. Her dad, brother, and brother-in-law all sang and played instruments. It was so sweet!"

A personalized ceremony.

At a wedding Sarah J. recently attended, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle together, but then broke with tradition by stopping by to greet the groom before standing on their respective sides. "They both went and gave the groom a hug or a handshake. It just showed the guests that the people they had in their wedding were all very close and it made it not feel so formal," she says. "It felt like a celebration."

A wedding cake alternative.

Not everyone loves classic wedding cake, and many guests will be delighted to indulge in any dessert you offer. Just ask Jordan C., who says the sweet treat at a recent wedding she attended was a hit with everyone. "Instead of serving wedding cake, this couple got an ice cream truck! We later found out that the bride just didn't like cake and the groom had some sort of allergy, so it only made sense that they have ice cream for dessert," she explains. "It felt very personal and the pictures of all of us eating ice cream were awesome! Definitely a fun memory."

A throwback celebration.

If you love a particular type of music, play it. Odds are, your guests will love hearing your favorite tunes. "I went to a wedding where they only played 90's throwback music and it was the best dance floor I've ever been to," says recent guest Lorenzo R. "It was all the jams you love to hear! I'm totally going to do that for my wedding!"


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