This is the cutest thing.
Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler Kissing Photo
Credit: Christina Aguilera via Instagram

What better way to make your fiancé's birthday even more special than by serenading him on his big day? If your voice sounds anything like Christina Aguilera's, the answer is nothing. On Wednesday, the singer-songwriter's fiancé, Matt Rutler, shared a short Instagram video of his mini birthday celebration. Rutler was decked out in a festive hat, white-rimmed birthday glasses, and sat next to a ton of celebratory white and blue balloons. Not to mention the huge burger cake he had (which even had spot-on ketchup designs and a side of fries).

Joining him on camera was his and Aguilera's two-year-old daughter, Summer, who sat next to him on the chair in her pajamas. As Aguilera sang "Happy Birthday," Summer chose not to join in-but she did help Rutler blow out the candles on his cake. Does that sound like the perfect way to spend your birthday with your family, or what?

Aguilera and Rutler have been engaged for three years now (the big announcement broke back in 2014 on Valentine's Day), but haven't been in a rush to make it official, according to Us Weekly. They met on the set of Burlesque in 2010 and dated for three years before the engagement. Things seem to be going well and this sweet video shows that their family couldn't be any happier. So when can we expect the pair to finally tie the knot? Hopefully we'll hear about wedding plans soon, but this video will do for now!


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