Pretty paper flowers in your centerpiece, votives and vases wrapped in an assortment of patterns and colors can elevate your tablescape from standard to sensational.

What You Need

Cutting mat

Craft knife

Clear ruler


Glue gun

Covered floral stem wire cut 7 inches in length

1. With craft knife, cut paper into 1 1/2-inch wide strips. Cut each strip into four 2-inch pieces and one 4-inch piece.


2. Round top and bottom corners of the 4-inch piece on one side. With the curved side down, roll left side to center once to form a cone shape. Glue stem to bottom of cone. Form petals by rounding opposite corners of the 2-inch pieces. Stagger and glue petals around stem.


3. Use multiple flowers for a bouquet or add a single stem to a place setting for a colorful touch.


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