Find out which part of the event the actor wants to help plan.
Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry haven't quite started to plan their wedding, but that doesn't mean they don't have an idea of the celebration they want. In an interview with Us Weekly, the couple revealed a few items on their wishlist, and Teller explained which parts of the event he hopes to have a hand in.

According to the newly-engaged pair, they want a medium-sized guest list. "Smaller than some, bigger than others," Teller revealed. They also hinted at having a destination wedding. "It won't be in our backyard, so we'll travel somewhere. But we're figuring it out," he added.

Whatever they go with, Teller also wants to have some say in the specifics. "I have a hard time not being involved just with anything," he admitted. Nevertheless, "I understand it's her-I'll let her take the reins on a lot of things," he shared. "I'll mess around with the reception but I'm not a control freak. To me, it's a celebration-it's a celebration of our love and expressing who we are to all our friends and family. So hopefully, I don't just get pushed to the wayside!" Sperry made it clear that that's A-okay, and clarified that she's no bridezilla. "I'm fully allowing him to take whatever reigns he wants," she told the outlet.

Teller popped the question over the summer while the couple was on a safari trip. Sperry shared photos of the engagement and her engagement ring on Instagram. The slideshow was simply captioned "Africa."


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