A catering pro tells all.
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Wedding food gets a bad rap, but it doesn't have to be that way! With a little guidance and careful consideration, dinner is a great opportunity to wow your guests with unexpected choices and flavors. For some top-notch advice on how to create a menu that's foodie-worthy and universally appealing, we spoke to Jeffrey Torem of the Liberty Warehouse, a Brooklyn, New York, wedding venue known for delicious fare. Here, his three best tips.

Go for crowd-pleasers.

"When it comes to menu choices, think about the overall guests, don't cater to that one guest who might not like something. Think about the crowd-pleasing items, or foods that you yourself love," advises Torem. While it's great to serve some of the couple's favorites, Torem's also careful to point out that it may not be the best idea to impose your personal food preferences on everyone. "If you're a vegan, have vegan choices, but don't do the entire event in that direction."

Break the rules.

Who says dinner needs to be a three-course meal? Why not try a tasting menu with more, smaller dishes that offer a range of variety? Or, a meal that includes a wine pairing with each course. Dinner doesn't just need to be something to get through before dancing-focusing on the menu and making it an event in itself only adds to the fun of the day. "Today's brides and grooms, at least as I see them here, all want to do 'something different'" says Torem. "They have gone to an average of 12 to 20 weddings, that they all feel are the same, same style, same feel, same basic foods, same looks...they are the most personalizing of all generations."

Be specific.

Chicken, meat, and fish are standard options. But when you're working with a caterer why not get specific about it? A short rib over a filet? Cod instead of the standard salmon? A wedding is an opportunity to give guests options they may not have seen before-and to fuel them up for a long night on the dance floor.


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