Green Wedding Flowers

Green and White Laced Bouquet

Dana Gallagher

From a distance, this bouquet of viburnum and a Queen Anne's lace look-alike appears to be a bunch of soft, puffed snowballs; a close look reveals tiny blooms.

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Hand-Wired Fan Bouquet

Formula z/s

This assembly of flowers in shades of green attains its fanlike silhouette through the use of wired gladiolus and santini mums.

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Creamy Gardenia Bouquet

Victoria Pearson

Lemony-green ribbon ties a loose, off-white arrangement of branches of gardenia blossoms, lilies of the valley, and sweet peas, with bright greens to freshen the whites.

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Alabaster Tea Rose Bouquet

Victoria Pearson

This early-summer nosegay of alabaster tea roses and spiky astilbe wears our latter-day version of a frill of ferns -- a cuff of dark-green satin ''leaves'' made of folded ribbon.

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Sparkling Bouquet


In a gilded cascade, beaded florets, strung by hand, glint like tiny holiday lights amid cymbidium orchids, bupleurum, gloriosa lilies, and lady's mantle; velvety gold-tipped cockscomb lend their own luster. The stems are wrapped in a wide gold band of satin ribbon and adorned with ''something old'': a starlike rhinestone brooch.

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Handkerchief Wrap Bouquet


Ribbon isn't the only way to dress a bouquet. A handkerchief embroidered with your wedding date makes a lovely and sentimental decoration.

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Lucky Bouquet

Charles Schiller

The leaves of a four-leaf clover are said to stand for hope, faith, love, and luck -- a fitting sentiment for a wedding.

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Exotic Bouquet

Dana Gallagher

Dramatic chartreuse flowers and variegated greenery share the spotlight in this explosion of cymbidium orchids, gloriosa lilies, leucodendron, and hosta leaves.

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Bouquet with Fresh Green Frills


Think about going green (and we don't mean with an all-bamboo bouquet). This fresh-as-cut-grass combo of lady's slipper orchids, hellebores, viburnum, gladiolus, and parrot tulips has a decidedly sophisticated vibe. Try attaching a tiny handmade fan to the handle with a hatpin; its pleats echo the blooms' frilly petals.

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Herbal Bouquet

Christopher Baker

This bouquet has a variety of textures, colors, and scents, thanks to the mix of muscari (grape hyacinth), lamb's ear, lily of the valley, andromeda, helleborus, thyme, rosemary, sage, and scented-geranium foliage.

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Island Romance


Sunny chartreuse and fiery red evoke the tropics in this exotic display of vivid philodendron and croton leaves, ruby peonies, tightly clustered euphorbias, and winding passionflower vine.

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Flowers and Foliage


In this surprising mix, bell-like fritillaria and wide-mouthed Green Goddess' calla lily blooms masquerade as foliage among yellow-edged hosta, Solomon's seal, and spotted calla lily leaves. Delicately petaled tree peonies seem to float on top. An olive-colored satin band and crimped satin streamers complement the stems.

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Handheld Wreath


The blue-gray of juniper boughs and deep green of arborvitae boldly replicate the cool colors of winter; the branches themselves determine the dramatic shape of the bouquet. Delicate, graceful snowdrops are tied onto the branches, tiny blossoms cascading as they would in nature.

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Orchid Bouquet


For this bride's bouquet, event designer Antony Todd made an unusual sculptural arrangement of chartreuse Lady's slipper orchids.

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Subdued Bouquet


This bride's bouquet of white tulips, dendrobium orchids, freesia, ranunculus, and pale-green Dutch roses studded with green eucalyptus seeds embodies the wedding's subdued color scheme.

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Fragrant Wedding Bouquet


This bride's bouquet is a fragrant mix of white majolica roses, Scabiosa, sage, basil, rosemary, and lily of the valley. The bridesmaids' bouquets are miniature versions.

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Garden Variety Boutonnieres

Johnny Miller

Nature offers vibrant colors and textures that can be woven into a wedding in unexpected ways. These boutonnieres consist of hydrangea and hypericum berries; chamomile, trachelium, and mahonia leaves; and unripe blueberries and mahonia.

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Orchid Boutonniere


At this California wedding, the groom wears a cymbidium orchid boutonniere.

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Beach Bucket Centerpiece


Turn kids' metal beach buckets into custom centerpieces by painting them in the wedding colors. First, sand and prime each bucket, then coat with water-based enamel; let dry overnight. For stripes, tape off a pattern, paint exposed areas in a contrasting color, and remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

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Flower Favors and Centerpieces

Jonathan Kantor

Wedding favors allow guests to take a little piece of the celebration home. Though often presented at place settings or displayed on a table by the door, favors can be offered in another way that is both impressive and economical: grouped together as centerpieces. Even if you spend a bit more on the favors themselves, you will most likely save money overall by forgoing traditional floral arrangements.

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Handcrafted Boutonniere


The bride's own collection of old fabrics helped inspire the details of this outdoor wedding. The bride made the groom's lighthearted tie; his boutonniere of oak leaves and acorns is tied with a jaunty bow.

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English Accent Centerpiece


The natural lines of lemon boughs create the balanced curves that legendary English floral designer Constance Spry favored. Their stems are kept long, and jonquils, amaryllis, anemones, lilacs, hellebore, and speckled foliage fill out the arrangement. A pair of these might frame the altar at a wedding ceremony.

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