It's her day, but that doesn't mean you can't shine. Show her why you're her bestie (and the best MOH ever!) by taking on these wedding-day tasks. They may seem unimportant, but they'll mean the world to her.

1. Master the bustle.

She's the queen of the day, and her bustle says it all. If she's chosen a French or royal bustle, you're in for a lot of work. Go to her final fitting for a bustling 101 session from the seamstress.

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2. Watch the clock.

No wedding planner? No problem! Keep a copy of the day's timeline handy so you can get the bride and the rest of the gang to the ceremony with plenty of time to spare. The less she has to rush, the calmer she'll be.

3. Keep her hydrated and snacking.

It's easy to forget to eat and drink when you're excited. Make her a plate of her favorite treats (that won't make a mess!), and refill her glass frequently. She'll feel energized and be less likely to faint mid-ceremony (yikes!). Don't forget to bring along straws for the drinks so her lipstick stays pristine!

4. Say it with Champagne.

Yes you get the big MOH speech at the reception, but there's no harm in sending her down the aisle with a short, sweet toast and some Champagne.

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5. Come prepared with a steamer.

The dress looked perfect last time she tried it on at the salon, but how does it look now? After a few days or weeks in a garment bag it may be wrinkled beyond recognition. MOH to the rescue!

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6. Carry an emergency kit.

Bobby pins, a sewing kit, a bottle of water-you've got to have it all. She'll be so thankful when you whip out just what she's looking for in her time of need.

7. Play referee.

Bridesmaids getting mouthy? Mother-in-law being a nag? Distract them. Send the grumbling maid off to check on the groom or grab a forgotten item. As for the mother-in-law, ask her about her son. She'll love nothing more than telling you everything (and we do mean everything) about his life.

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8. Entertain the kids.

Flower girls and ring bearers can be a lot of fun! Make them feel included with the grown-ups with some kid-friendly convos or sharing a quick dance. If they start to get antsy, be prepared with a few coloring books and crayons in the bridal suite to help them beat the boredom.

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9. Wrangle the family.

With all the family and activity swirling around the bride, the wedding will likely be a whirlwind. Good thing she has the pics to reminisce. Jot down a list of her must-have moments and help the photographer gather the family and check off the pics as they're snapped. All she has to do is stand in one spot and look gorgeous!

10. Play secretary.

Whether the groom is stuck in the traffic or the rings were left at home, you've got it covered. Give the best man, the planner, and any other key players your number so they can contact you in a crisis. She'll have no clue there was ever a problem, and you can laugh about the mayhem over drinks post-honeymoon.

11. Stand by her side.

Share this special moment with her from pre-ceremony laughs to handling simple tasks to an encouraging word when the jitters set in. What matters most is that she'll look over and see you right there supporting her like always. That's the best gift of all!

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