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Being asked to be a bridesmaid means you'll be expected to take part in countless wedding-related activities, including the bachelorette party. Although tons of fun, bachelorette parties can cost the bridesmaids a pretty penny. After all, each bridesmaid will chip in for at least some of the bride's expenses on top of paying for her own food, drinks, travel, and accommodations. So how much it too much for each of your bridesmaids to spend on a bachelorette party? The answer, of course, varies for each wedding.

Before deciding on any bachelorette party activities, the bride or the maid of honor should discuss the budget with the bridesmaids. Understanding the financial situation of each 'maid can guide the planning process, since you can choose activities that fit within the desired budget. Keep in mind that bridesmaids have many other wedding-related expenses on their plate-like the bridesmaid dress, bridal shower, and wedding accommodations-so it's important to be open-minded and respectful with this information.

The most expensive type of bachelorette parties are often multi-night destination soirees, since the costs of travel, lodging, and multiple nights of eating and drinking can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars. If a bride decides on a destination trip, ensure that everyone in your bridal party is willing and able to pay the price. Also, be generous with any 'maids who aren't comfortable with the cost, and let them opt out of the activities without feelings of guilt. As an alternative, the bridesmaids can decide upon a way to lessen the financial burden for that particular bridesmaid. Maybe she won't have to chip in for bride's accommodations during the trip, or perhaps she stays for one night instead of three.

If members of your bridal party have a tighter budget, keep prices low by sticking with local activities or affordable one-night getaways. A night of dinner and drinks typically costs anywhere from $30 to $80, which is more manageable than the hundreds spent on a multi-night getaway. But not all bachelorette parties need to involve barhopping and food; other low-cost options include hiking, a sports game, a board game tournament, a crafty class, and a backyard bonfire.

Remember: Bachelorette parties should be memorable celebrations with a bride and her best friends. Make sure everyone agrees upon a budget, and focus on having fun no matter the activity!


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