Getting gorgeous wedding hair just got easier.
Credit: Tamara Schlesinger

If you've ever been envious of one of Rihanna's incredible hairstyles, you're not alone. While you might not be willing to try one of her bolder looks for your big day, you can heed the advice of her hairstylist, Yusef Williams, who is responsible for bringing her constantly evolving hairstyles to life. He's already answered all of your burning wedding-day hair questions, and now he's weighing in on natural hair for the big day. Here, his best tips and tricks for brides who want to embrace their natural hair on their wedding day.

Define your curls.

If you have naturally curly hair, Williams says you should play them up rather than try to change them. "Enhance your curls and amplify them," he says. "The bigger, the better! Be dramatic."

Keep your hair off your face.

Williams suggests pulling your hair away from your face, either with braids or by twisting it back. On a day as busy and important as your wedding, who wants to keep pushing their hair out of their eyes?

Find an accessory you love.

If you're wearing your hair natural, play up the look with your favorite hair accessory. "That will give your look some more dazzle," Williams explains. While he's not a fan of the flower crown, he thinks nearly any other accent is worth trying.

Build a foundation.

No matter what hairstyle you choose, the only way you'll get it to last throughout the wedding is by starting with the right products. A good holding spray and the right hair pins are all you really need to keep your locks in place.

Be kind to your hair before the wedding.

Ensure your hair looks its best on the big day by pre-treating it with a mask in the months leading up to the wedding. Williams loves Peter Thomas Roth's 24k Gold Hair Mask, a deep-conditioning treatment that hydrates and protects. Another product to use regularly? "Good old castor oil," Williams says. "I love it."

Know that there are quick fixes.

Braids are one of Williams' favorite ways to fix a bad hair day. Not only are they easy and long-lasting, but you can also elevate a standard braided look to feel more special than an everyday hairstyle. Another option? "A good wig! Become the girl you want to be," he says.


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