Here are the pros and cons of this classic fare.
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One ticket, one epic adventure-the idea of hopping around the globe with an around the world airline ticket has a certain amount of mystique for serious travelers. If you and your fiancé fall into that category and are looking to do some major globetrotting on your honeymoon, here's everything you need to know about this type of airline ticket-which, at the end of the day, may or may not be right for you.

What Is an Around the World Ticket?

A legacy from the days before the Internet became the primary means by which consumers shop for airfare-and well before sites such as Google Flights and SkyScanner made it so easy to explore multi-stop itineraries on your own-an around the world ticket bundled all flights on your honeymoon travel itinerary into one reservation with only one booking reference number. One perk is that these tickets can be fairly easily amended if, say, you decide you'd rather stay in Bali for a few more days before flying on to Sydney. To book an around the world ticket you'll still ultimately need to call an airline, global alliances including SkyTeam (Delta), Star Alliance (United), and OneWorld (American Airlines) have trip-planning websites where you and your fiancé can play around with customizing itineraries based on which destinations are calling your name. There are even options for single-continent travel, such as South America.

How Many Days Are You Planning on Traveling?

To determine if an around the world ticket is right for you, consider how long you intend to travel for. Ten days or two weeks may seem like an insanely long amount of time that you'll be traveling together on your honeymoon, but getting to far-flung destinations often takes about a day of travel on either end. Instead of an around the world ticket, a better idea is to perhaps book a stopover along the way, such as spending a little time in Hong Kong (the Cathay Pacific hub) on your way to Southeast Asia or stopping in Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) or Dubai (Emirates) on your way to Sri Lanka or the Maldives. These type of tickets can be booked online or with the help of a travel agent.

How Important Is Your Frequent Flier Status (and Miles Earned)?

If you or your fiancé travel frequently for work and already have a certain level of status with a specific airline alliance-or are looking to keep your flights within a certain airline alliance to build on your frequent flier status for next year-it's certainly worth exploring booking an around the world ticket for your honeymoon. This is especially true if you're planning on traveling for a few weeks or more, as it will ensure you'll be earning the maximum benefits from all of your flights. Otherwise, you may find better deals if you broaden your search to all airlines, including regional and budget airlines that won't earn any points for you back home.

Do You Have the Time for Honeymooning Planning, Really?

Even if typically you're the sort of savvy traveler that loves to dig into the nitty-gritty of planning every detail of the trips the two of you take together, do you have the bandwidth for all of this while you're also in the midst of wedding planning-especially for a continent-hopping honeymoon of epic proportions? An around the world ticket does help to connect the dots in the big picture of your honeymoon itinerary as it ensures you have airfare between all points along the way. Alternatively, consider reaching out to a travel agency that specializes in honeymoon travel, as they'll happily manage all of these details so that you can focus on everything else.


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