They make inviting people easier, but are electronic invitations acceptable for these less formal gatherings?
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paperless engagement party invite ring illustration
Credit: Courtesy of Evite

The world of weddings has changed, and most of those changes have made life easier for brides and grooms. Near the top of the list: how to send invitations for pre-wedding events. Doing it the traditional way is time-consuming—you've got to track down guests' street addresses, write out envelopes, buy and attach stamps, and then get everything to the post office in time. While this method is still recommended for your actual wedding ceremony and reception—mailing invitations that guests can hold in their hands underscores the occasion's sense of elegance and formality—it's really not necessary for pre-wedding parties.

What's so great about sending pre-wedding online invitations like an Evite.

They're quick to produce, budget-friendly, and you don't have to be a graphic designer to create an amazing customized card.

Going digital works for parties with an informal vibe.

Most, if not all, pre-wedding gatherings are informal—the engagement party, the bridal or couple's shower, the bachelorette party, the bridesmaids' lunch or tea, the welcome party (for destination weddings), the rehearsal dinner, and then, of course, there's the after-party and day-after brunch.

It's an efficient way to keep track of everyone.

Creating a spreadsheet is fine, but it's more work than an Evite. Guests also like them because they'll have the info stored on their phone, ready to review 24/7.

Online invites are friendly to the environment.

You won't add to your carbon footprint. Also, fewer trees will be cut down for paper.

Guests can still send you a note on an Evite.

Whatever they want to tell you—congrats! Did you register yet? I can only stay an hour at your brunch because I have a plane to catch—they can do on a digital invite.


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