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Sahaja Essential Oil wedding fragrance and advice
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Pulling together your wedding-day look is a pretty detail-oriented process. You have the dream wedding dress (or jumpsuit, if you prefer!), the right shoes, your chosen accessories, veil, hairstyle, makeup…the list goes on and on. But in all the hustle and bustle of compiling your aisle-ready ensemble, you may be missing one wedding day essential you didn't even realize you needed: the perfect wedding fragrance.

Not only will a special fragrance add a little something extra to your personal big-day experience, it will also give you and your brand-new spouse an instant, scent-oriented access point to dive into your memories of the day for years to come. Not sure you're ready to pick out the right fragrance all on your own? Sahaja Douglass, founder and CEO of Sahaja Essential Oils and all-around fragrance maven, is here to help with a little bit of expert advice.

A signature oil is essential for your celebration.

"All brides want their wedding day to be beautiful and joyous," Douglass says. "Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic system where memories are stored, so if a bride wants to make her wedding more memorable and unique, she should wear a custom essential oil blend. It will imprint her own scent into the memories of all her friends and family attending the wedding." Basically, your signature fragrance will remind you, your spouse, and all your favorite people of that amazing celebration whenever they catch a whiff of it. What's not to love?

Your wedding fragrance can do more than just smell nice.

When Douglass sets out to create a custom scent, she first thinks about how the blend will support her client, and then makes a fragrance that's gorgeous to boot. "The blend reflects the exquisite nature of the bride," she says, and adds that it can create a specific vibe or mood, and even has the ability to boost the wearer's immune system. She's also created complementary blends for couples, so both newlyweds can wear a scent that fits their unique personality without clashing with the fragrance worn by their spouse.

Pick a fragrance that fits your wedding's mood.

Looking for a calm, relaxing wedding environment? Douglass suggests essential oils like lavender, frankincense, sweet orange, and sandalwood. Is excitement and fun more your style? "Citrus oils are invigorating, and are great to add to a diffuser blend," Douglass says, but cautions that several citrus oils shouldn't be used topically, especially if you're going to be in the sun. "Exotic florals like jasmine, frangipani, gardenia, honeysuckle, or stimulating essential oils like cacao and coffee are fun to add to blends."

Wedding fragrances should be something special.

"My wedding collection has blends in it that I created with the intention of enveloping a bride and groom in sweet love with a calming overtone," Douglass explains. "I thought about florals that are alluring and sensual and that would bring a sense of joy to all people at the wedding." She also customizes citrus blends with floral layers, earthy blends, and more exotic options specifically for weddings. "Sense of smell is as individual as a finger print, but there are some smells that are more universally pleasing and some that are more universally repelling."

Keep your fragrance inspiration personal.

Completely at a loss for starting your search for the right wedding fragrance? Use your everyday life as a starting point. "A bride can look for inspiration from her personal scent preferences-what flowers she likes, what food and spices she enjoys," Douglass says. "A bride can also look to her wedding dress, wedding flowers, or wedding theme and colors for inspiration. Even her favorite music." She adds that when she creates a custom blend, she meets with her client to get a sense of the big day vibe and décor, her core values, and which scents typically appeal to her. "Sometimes even the favorite blend needs to be adjusted a little so it is just right," she says of her fragrance creation process.

A wedding fragrance isn't only for you.

"A great way to create continuity throughout the wedding is to have fragrant aspects of the bride's essential oil blend in the wedding diffuser blend, which can be set up in bathrooms, the entry room, bride's getting ready room, and even paired with the blend of her beloved," Douglass suggests. Want to take things to the next level? Send your wedding party-or even your guests-home with mini bottles of your custom wedding blend as favors. "The wedding blends can be worn and diffused, and I even have specific wedding diffuser blends," she says. "The most important thing is for the bride and groom to love the essential oils they choose."


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