Round and rectangular tables both have something going for them. Read on, then take a seat.

Best for Conversation

"You can easily talk to the three people opposite you," says contributing editor David Stark, of David Stark Design and Production, in New York City. At a round, you'd practically have to yell to be heard across the table.

Best for a Formal Dinner

Says Stark: "A room full of round tables can feel like a benefit gala," not a black-tie wedding.


Best for Saving Money (and Space)

Each round table takes a single centerpiece, while rectangular ones might mean clustering several together to fill the space. Also, circular tablecloths tend to cost less to rent.

Best for Swapping Seats

"At a long table, you have to consider who's next to and across from you," says Stark. "At a round, the only people who will be affected are on your left and right."


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