Your fashion choices can make a big difference in terms of reducing your celebration's carbon footprint.

Reformation "Sauvignon" Wedding Dress

Looking for a way to make your wedding a little greener? Thanks to Reformation, the sustainable women's clothing and accessories brand, doing so has never been easier—or chicer. "Most weddings have a super high environmental impact," says Yael Aflalo, Reformation's Founder and CEO. "At 63 tons of CO2, the average wedding produces a carbon footprint larger than the average couple's footprint for a year. If you have 150 guests, your wedding will generate as much as 675 pounds of waste." While you might not be able to make offsets everywhere, Aflalo's team is committed to making sure your big-day fashion choices are good to the earth without sacrificing on style. Here, the expert takes us through what her company is doing to ensure you and the planet feel good about your wedding, plus the easiest ways to make your celebration a little more eco-friendly.

Choose a wedding dress with a low carbon footprint.

The team at Reformation set out to make a "green" wedding dress that's as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. They did just that in the form of their signature "Sauvignon" dress. "It saves 11 pounds of carbon dioxide, 13 gallons of water, and 1.2 pounds of waste compared to the average wedding dress," Aflalo explains.

Look for eco-friendly pre-wedding party looks and bridesmaids' dresses, too.

Your dress isn't the only one that should be earth-friendly. "We're committed to making sustainability synonymous with fashion, so we offer our customers sustainable options across a variety of categories," Aflalo says. That means Reformation is a one-stop shop if you're looking for "green" styles to wear for your pre-wedding parties and for your 'maids to don on the big day, too.

Know that there are other ways to give back.

While Reformation makes choosing eco-friendly fashion a no-brainer, Aflalo reminds brides-to-be that there are so many ways to reduce the carbon footprint associated with a wedding. In addition to skipping single-use plastics and working to reduce wedding-related waste, Reformation also suggests purchasing their "Cancel the Wedding" Climate Credit. "When you buy a climate credit, it basically means you're investing in carbon energy and carbon-reducing projects around the globe," says Aflalo. "It's a great way to make your registry more eco-friendly."

As for your honeymoon, purchasing green fashion from the brand helps, but they want you take it one step further by doing your getaway research with the help of the Ref Guide to Sustainable Travel. "It outlines eco-friendly places to stay and easy things you can do to be more green when you travel."

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you ask questions.

Wanting to make your wedding more eco-friendly is a great first step; actually doing it is something else entirely. That's why Aflalo urges brides-to-be to ask questions about the decisions they're making. "When purchasing a dress, make sure you know the materials that were used and how it was produced," she says. "Sustainability education is super important to us at Reformation which led us to launch the RefScale—a tool that tracks the environmental savings of every Reformation purchase a customer makes."


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