It was the perfect celebration in Nashville.
Dan Smyers Abby Law Wedding Photo

One half of the country music duo Dan + Shay just tied the knot! The musical pair is busy traveling for their biggest tour yet, but that didn't stop Dan Smyers from celebrating one of the most important days of his life. Smyers took time out of his busy schedule on Saturday evening to exchange vows with his longtime girlfriend Abby Law and celebrate their wedding with friends and family, People reports. The cute couple had been dating for over three years when they got engaged during a vacation Hawaii in November. To make things official, Smyers and Law held their ceremony and reception in the city they dubbed as their "favorite place in the world"-Nashville, Tennessee.

Prior to their big day, Smyers and Law talked about what their wedding celebration would be like. "The wedding is going to be very representative of the both of us," said Smyers. "We're both vegetarians so there's going to be a lot of vegetarian and vegan food options, and our dogs are going to be in the wedding so it's going to be very us and laid-back." Apparently, Smyers was true to his word. A source told People that their three pets Chief, Joy, and Ghost were indeed a part of their wedding party, all three of them dressed in either a tux or a dress.

As for the size of their wedding, the couple couldn't help but share their love with all of their friends and family. "We were going to try and keep it super small, but we have so many people that we love and care about and we both have decent-sized families," Law said. "The numbers add up really quickly, but it'll be great."

Smyers added that many of their friends and family had never been to Nashville, but that it would be a great to have everyone come together to see where their relationship developed. "It'll be nice to make it official," the country singer also mentioned. "Everybody's story is different, everybody's timeline is different but by the time we got engaged, we were so familiar with each other that there wasn't anything foreign or scary." Law seems to have shared the same feelings, saying, "We're very much looking forward to being husband and wife because our life has been really wonderful together."

We knew just from hearing about their engagement in the fall that this wedding would be nothing short of magical and romantic, and we're so happy they've finally tied the knot.


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