Wedding Getaway Car Ideas for Riding Away in Style

blue wedding getaway car
Photo: Erich McVey

All the coolest, suavest vehicles (and more!) for exiting your wedding reception.

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blue wedding getaway car
Erich McVey

While the end of your wedding might be a bit bittersweet, it's also incredibly exciting: All of your guests are there to watch and wave as you and your spouse embark on the rest of your lives together. To make the moment even more memorable, ride off into the sunset in a cool car (or bike, or boat, or bus). Not only will you feel extra special as you leave, but you'll make sure that the last thing your attendees see is something show-stopping. There are so many fun ways to plan your getaway, whether you stick with tradition or opt for something unique. From vintage Rolls-Royces to old-timey buggies, here, all the best getaway vehicles (and other options!) we've seen. Retro, contemporary, casual, formal—these weddings have all the inspiration you need!

How pretty was this bright-blue convertible? It sure made a scene on this wedding's palm tree-ridden street.

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Car with Cans

wedding getaway car with cans
Branco Prata

Cans wrapped in springy paper made this white getaway car pop, and that swag of greenery was the perfect finishing touch.

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Red Motorcycle

couple exiting on motorcycle

This red-hot motorcycle matched its bride's flower crown to a T.

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Carted Away

couple riding away from wedding
Joey Kennedy Photography

This little vehicle was open in the back, letting the bride and groom shine as they drove away.

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Golf Cart

married couple in golf cart
Kristin La Voie Photography

This classy golf cart made for a smooth ride and a pretty picture, too.

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In Memory of Dad

couple and car
Lexia Frank Photography

This couple's car had extra meaning, as it was the one the bride's late father used to drive to Lake Tahoe. The lake served as the wedding venue, and the 1961 Corvette served as her "something blue."

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Restored Beauty

ciera preston wedding couple
Ashley Sawtelle

"My grandpa restored and painted his blue truck," said this bride. "He was kind enough to let us use it for our special day, and drive off from our wedding."

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Pale-Gray Jaguar

Wedding car kiss
Polly Alexandre Fine Photography

This all-white wedding broke from it's theme to incorporate the bride's father's pale-gray Jaguar. The vehicle, which was from the 1950s, had blooms added to it by florist McQueens.

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Ferris Wheel

shannon jon wedding couple ferris wheel
Sylvie Gil Photography

While this couple couldn't actually get away in their ferris wheel, it made for a great photo-op.

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Deep-Blue Mercedes

wedding car
Maui Maka Photography

"It's the car I have always loved and one of the only ones he actually lets me drive!" said this bride of her father's vintage Mercedes.

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Tasseled Truck

green getaway truck
Brumley & Wells

This forest-green truck was part rustic, part prep, especially with the white tassels on bottom.

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Vintage Corvette

Max Wanger

This stylish couple made their escape in this 1971 Corvette.

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Flower-Decorated Getaway Car

Ryan Ray Photography

A 1941 Packard was used for photos and as this couple's getaway car. The car was adorned with a "Just Married" sign framed with peonies, garden roses, amd clematis.

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Motorcycle and Side Car

Aaron Delesie

After their intimate ceremony and reception, these newlyweds cruised to the river in a vintage motorbike and sidecar.

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Heather Payne Photography

At this intimate Colorado wedding, fête, the bride and groom left the ceremony in a flower-adorned canoe to get some alone time and soak in the significance of what had just occurred.

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An Exit Car and Wedding Gift

John Dolan

The groom's father, a vintage-car collector, gave his 1959 Austin-Healey to the bride and groom as a wedding gift. It also served as a stylish getaway.

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Family Tradition

A Bryan Photo

This couple drove off in the bride's father's first car—a 1971 Toyota Landcruiser. It was also the same car that the bride's parents left in on their own wedding night.

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Trolley Sendoff

Nancy Ray Photography

These newlyweds made their exit on the back of a local trolley, decorated with streamers and a "Just Married" banner.

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Blue Fiat

Corbin Gurkin

This couple went full-on Italian for their Tuscan wedding, renting a baby blue Fiat for photos and their getaway.

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Red Vintage Car

3 deseos y medio

This couple used a red vintage car owned by one of the bride's fathers for wedding portraits and for their exit.

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Red Love Bug

Acqua Photo

This couple entered and exited their wedding in this red vintage Volkswagen beetle, which had once belonged to Tom's grandfather and dad. "Riding in the bug to the reception I remember I kept saying, 'hi husband' and [he] would say, 'hi wife,'" the bride recalled of a favorite part of the day.

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Tandem Bike

NBarrett Photography

This couple pedaled off into married life in an old-school gold tandem bike. Their friends decorated the bike with streamers, cans, and glow-in-the-dark signs. The crowd used sparklers to make a tunnel of light for the duo to pedal through as they rode down the street.

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White Vintage Jaguar

Jose Villa

This bride and groom arrived to their ceremony in two vintage Jaguars from Albany Wedding Cars. They also used the Jags as a backdrop for a portrait session and as their getaway car.

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Surprise Getaway

Katie Stoops Photography

This bride knew how much her husband-to-be wanted a vintage car wedding exit—During their planning, he was always pointing out wedding photos that had vintage cars in them! So she surprised him with this vintage blue convertible for portraits and for their getaway.

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Vintage Cadillac

Shawn Connell / Christian Oth Studio

When the groom saw a 1949 Cadillac parked outside the hotel the morning of the wedding, he realized he hadn't planned a getaway, so he hired the driver on the spot.

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Gondola Exit

Erin Kate Photography

After tying the knot and celebrating in the mountains of Utah, this couple exited in a tricked-out gondola.

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Rose-Covered Rolls-Royce

Trevor Dixon

A 1962 Rolls-Royce decorated with roses and hydrangeas was the setting for these newlyweds' post-ceremony Champagne toast, as well as their getaway vehicle.

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Like Father Like Son

Adrienne Page

This couple rode off in a friend's 1929 Model A Ford decorated with calligraphed signage. "[The groom's] father has the same car, so it was a bit sentimental," said the bride.

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Snowy Getaway

Aaron Delesie

After their festivities, these newlyweds traveled by snowcat to a spectacular chalet high up on the mountain, nestled in the slopes.

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Vintage Convertible


This couple drove off into wedded bliss in an vintage, open-top convertible.

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Mini Horse and Buggy


The couple trotted off after their reception in a buggy pulled by Midnight the mini horse, a special guest for the evening from Rowdy's Rascals. The exit was one of their favorite moments of their New Orleans wedding.

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Island Style Getaway

Aaron Delesie

After tying the knot in St. Barts, these newlyweds shared a kiss in the rented Moke buggy they drove to the reception. A hand-painted sign read "Just Married" in French, the language of the island.

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Yellow Taxi Getaway

Stephen Karlisch

A vintage yellow checker cab drove this couple to their reception in New York City, and off to wedded bliss at the end of the night.

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Beribboned Vintage Convertible

Steve Steinhardt

A vintage convertible (from the Bali resort where the couple wed) was decorated with fabric ribbons that matched the ceremony's backdrop.

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Fiat Getaway

Francesco Lagneses

The couple, in a rented Fiat, braked for photos in front of a fountain on Rome's Gianicolo hill.

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Classic Rolls-Royce


The newlyweds headed off in a 1957 Rolls-Royce tied with paper pom-poms they made themselves.

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Vintage Ford Getaway


This couple left their ceremony in a 1955 Ford convertible.

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Antique Carriage


These newlyweds hit the road in a decked-out antique carriage.

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Old School Wheels


At the end of their celebration in California, this pair rode off in a decked-out Ford Model A.

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Sweet Ride

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

After the church ceremony, the newlyweds hopped into a 1949 Packard convertible.

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Horse-Drawn Love


This couple got a lift from a horse-drawn carriage after their ceremony in Big Sky, Montana.

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Two Two-Wheelers


The bride and groom coasted away from their reception on white bicycles bearing "Just Married" flags. The bikes are a reflection of their love for cycling. As an adorable afterthought, the bride affixed a white basket to the front to hold her butterfly bouquet.

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In British Fashion

Polly Alexandre Photography

The newlyweds decorated their getaway car, an old Austin Healey 3000, with a custom license plate that read "Mr and Mrs Harper 21st April 2012" and "Just Married" cards strung with ribbon by the bride.

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Vintage Glam


These newlyweds stepped into a rented 1950s Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud after their reception. Gold ribbon draped across the hood and tied to the hood ornament suspends a wreath of garden roses and their tiny buds in shades of pink, peach, and cream.

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Just Like Grandpa


Both of the bride's grandfathers have an affinity for Rolls-Royce cars, and to honor that love, many of the family members have used them as their wedding-day transportation. Sticking with tradition, the bride and groom hopped into a fully restored 1929 Phantom I belonging to the bride's grandfather. A "Just Married" banner and strand of tin cans decorated the rear bumper.

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Two By Sea

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
Aaron Delesie

This couple jetted off from their Port Clyde, Maine, wedding on the bride's dad's lobster boat, the Maggie Ann, named for the bride and her sister. "At first, no one knew what we were doing," said the groom. "Then they all just went nuts."

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Cart in the Caribbean

Brian Dorsey Studios

At their destination wedding in the Bahamas, these newlyweds drove a special golf cart to the reception.

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