The iconic scene almost involved a mid-ceremony objection—and a horse.

Credit: NBC/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

It's been ten years since beloved fictional duo Jim and Pam exchanged vows in Niagara Falls, marking one of the most iconic The Office episodes of all time. Believe it or not, the couple's fairy-tale nuptials (celebratory dance down the aisle and all) almost unfolded entirely differently. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the team behind the episode—including director Paul Feig, executive producer Greg Daniels, and actress, writer, and executive producer Mindy Kaling—reflected on how they dreamed up the scene and also shared their (nixed) idea for the original ending, which would have involved a major objection from another key player.

David Denman's character, Roy, who Pam was previously engaged to, was initially intended to speak up during the service. "All throughout the episode, Roy's been kind of haunting around and unhappy that they're getting married, so when they ask if anybody has reason why this couple can't get married, he rides into the church on a horse to sweep Pam off her feet like a knight in shining armor and declares, 'I have an objection,'" Feig explained. "And she's like, 'What are you doing? No, I want to get married.'"

Regardless, Pam would have sent him away and the ceremony would have carried on as planned, noted Feig (an alternate ending wouldn't have seen the bride run away with Roy, leaving a jilted Jim at the altar!). Still, it's difficult not to laugh at the idea of Roy riding "his horse back out of the church." Daniels, however, was the only member of the cast committed to this ending. "We got to the table read and I was the last defender of the horse," he said. "The entire staff and actors were yelling at me: 'Don't ruin Jim and Pam's wedding with a horse!'"

Ultimately, though, this idea eventually gave way to the notion of having all wedding party members (and co-workers!) dance their way to the altar; in the end, it perfectly fit the show's tone, adds Kaling: "That video was so joyous and fun. That was obviously that couples' friends and family, and we thought it would be pretty funny and misguided for Michael to equate the co-workers of the office as Jim and Pam's beloved close family and friends and do the same thing."


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