Is It Appropriate to Wear a Hat to a Spring Wedding?

Bridal stylists weigh in.

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Springtime weddings definitely call for romantic dresses, open-toe shoes, and chic purses, but what about hats? While hats were once a wedding-day must have for guests, they've fallen out of fashion. (Brides, however, are beginning to bring this trend back to life.) All of this begs the question: Can a guest wear a hat to a spring wedding? Bridal stylists say yes, as these accessories can help create a fun fashion statement that won't take any attention away from the bride.

Although hats definitely give off that springtime vibe, it's important to mention that there are occasions where wearing these accessories wouldn't be deemed appropriate, such as a black-tie wedding or inside a house of worship. To help break down when it is and is not appropriate to wear a hat to a spring wedding, we spoke to two bridal stylists. Here, their best advice on wearing these accessories.

Hats Are Perfect for Daytime Events

"Wearing a hat really depends on the venue and the formality of the event," says Julie Sabatino, expert bridal stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride. Hats are best suited for daytime events, she suggests, and stresses that they're especially great choices for ceremonies that begin before four in the afternoon.

Look to the Royal Weddings for Inspiration

"You can always look to the royal weddings for inspiration, as fascinators, in particular, are a great way to make a fun fashion statement," Sabatino says. But don't just copy these looks entirely-she stresses the importance of wearing something that fits with the venue and formality of the event. And although the royal weddings always take place in a church, many houses of worship will ask that guests remove hats before the service begins.

Don't Wear Hats to Black-Tie Evening Events

"Hats should not be worn to black-tie evening events, as they are not appropriate after a certain after and can look out of place," Sabatino advises.

Keep Sizing in Mind

"You don't want to obstruct the view the guest behind you or stand out in photographs as the lady with the big pink hat," says Selina Howard, an expert bridal stylist at Vainglorious Brides. For this reason, she thinks a fascinator or pill box are your best options.

Always Pay Attention to Etiquette

"If the wedding happens to be a hatted affair like the royal weddings we love so much, make sure you follow proper wedding hat etiquette when selecting the size, style, and color," Howard says.

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