It's okay, Prince Charles also messed up his vows.
Credit: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

It's official: Being nervous during your wedding ceremony is a thing, and it can happen to anyone. Need proof? According to details shared by Cosmopolitan U.K., even Princess Diana and Prince Charles succumbed to their ceremony jitters during the big event! Royalty, they're just like us.

According to Huffington Post, Charles and Diana each made their own small blunders during the televised 1981 ceremony. First, Princess Diana called her new husband by the wrong name. Instead of referring to him as Charles Phillip Arthur George during the exchange of vows, she flipped around the order of his first two names and called him Phillip Charles Arthur George. This is even in light of the fact that the officiant and Charles himself had both just said it correctly-although we admit that the idea of running through a list of four names in the middle of such a big moment makes us break out in a cold sweat!

But, don't forget, Charles had his very own ceremony flub to help even things out. According to the BBC, he made a vow to endow "thy goods" to Diana instead of the originally intended "my worldly goods." Oops! Fortunately, neither mistake was the end of the world. And even though the day wasn't technically perfect, it's still pretty reassuring to see that even a real life fairytale wedding can take place with a blunder or two.

Like we said, wedding nerves can happen to anyone. At least most of us don't have to worry about saying the wrong name, or making accidental changes to our vows, in front of Queen Elizabeth herself!


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