Credit: Sang An

What better gift is there than a box of chocolates? Its packaging is as pleasurable to behold and unwrap as its contents are to eat, a wonderful characteristic for a wedding favor. The favors on these pages are inspired by the distinctive details of classic chocolate boxes. Creating the lovely packaging is as simple as wrapping a box, tying bows, punching holes, or printing words from the computer. Of course, filling the boxes with scrumptious sweets is just as important. Order chocolates in bulk, and repackage them yourself. Whether you mix together your favorite flavors or present each guest with one exquisitely wrapped truffle, a chocolate favor conveys your gratitude in a memorable way. No wonder chocolates have always been a favorite gift of love -- sharing is the best part.

Prewrapped and Personalized

Foil Wrapped

Heart in a Box

Assorted Chocolates

Colorful Chocolate

Mix and Match

Map It Out

All Tied Up


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