This dad hates being away from baby.
Credit: Chrissy Teigen via Instagram

Baby Luna's going on her first tour!

John Legend took to Facebook Live on Monday night to talk about his perfect family-including him (well, duh), model Chrissy Teigen, and their daughter Luna-and their plans for his latest album. As it turns out, the trio won't be separating for dad's Darkness and Light travels.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Plan to Expand Their Adorable Family!

When asked by a fan how about he's dealt with leaving the fam behind on previous tours, Legend spilled the adorable news. "Well, the awesome part about this tour, the Darkness and Light tour, is my family is coming along," the songwriter revealed. "This will be Luna's first tour."

As far as how involved the baby will be, Legend hopes to have her (and Teigen) around for it all. "She's going to be on the tour bus with me," he noted, and "she's going to be at the venues" during the day at the very least (girl's got a bedtime, guys!). "We're going to be out on the road together, this will be our first time really doing an entire tour together," he confirmed.

The star elaborated that he's excited not to "have to spend a lot of time away" from his wife and daughter, and even joked about just how important Luna's attendance is to him. "That's the subtitle of the tour: 'Darkness and Light Tour,' subtitle, 'Luna's First Tour.'"

Aside from Darkness and Light news, Legend also took time to reveal something he and Teigen happen to disagree on: television.

"If it were just me, watching television all day, I would watch sports and the news, with a little comedy thrown in," he said. "She would probably watch, not the sports, definitely, a little bit of the news, and plenty of comedy, but with a lot more Housewives."

We have caught the couple on courtside dates, though, so Teigen can't be too opposed to sports.


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