Even the most organized brides are guilty of overlooking some small (but important!) details.
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Pick up your dress? Check. Pack bikinis for your honeymoon? Yep. Call the caterer to double-check the guest count? Um, no. Are you supposed to do that? Definitely. Take a look at other must-dos that you absolutely don't want to forget as you count down to your wedding day.

Gather everything you need for your wedding a few days before.

You didn't know this was a thing? Well, now you do, and it will be incredibly helpful in destressing you if you're not running around the morning of the wedding collecting all your stuff. Put aside what you need for the ceremony and reception, like the vows and readings, the programs and place cards, and your outfit-dress, undergarments and accessories.

Scuff your shoes.

New shoes get slippery and if you don't scuff them, you may slide, not walk, down the aisle. The most effective ways to scuff is to walk around on concrete or a textured pavement or rub sandpaper over the soles.

Assemble an emergency kit.

When we say "emergency," we don't mean a defibrillator but extra lipstick for touchups. Besides cosmetics, fill the kit with things that will resolve unexpected situations, like Krazy Glue for a loose heel and bobby pins for flyaways. Other stock-worthy items: tissues, aspirin, gum or mints, bandages, sewing supplies and double-stick fashion tape.

Reconfirm details with the vendors.

Don't assume everyone is on the same page as you. A few days before the wedding, make sure everyone has the correct ceremony and reception addresses and directions; arrival, delivery and setup times; what their specific task or service is; the best contact number should the need arise on your wedding day. Check in with the officiant, florist, photographer, baker, caterer, dj/band, hair and makeup stylist and transportation company. If there's any confusion, you have time to clarify.

Get tips ready.

If any vendors went out of their way for you, show them how much you appreciate their efforts with a tip. Put each in a separate envelope with the person's name written on the front and hand them off to your dad or the best man to distribute at the wedding.

Order food for your getting-ready room.

Brides and her maids have been known to faint, not because of nerves but because of empty stomachs! Don't be that woman who just needs some grub to feel like herself again. Keep the food light-fresh vegetables and hummus, half sandwiches, cheese and crackers, fruit and yogurt. Order something more substantial for the groom and his guys too.

Ask a responsible friend to be in charge of gifts.

Rather than mail gifts or have them delivered to your home, some guests bring presents to the reception. Will you really be prepared (or in the mood) to haul all those boxes somewhere? Probably not. Instead, appoint someone to collect them at night's end and cart them home. You can get them when you return from your honeymoon.


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