Fake it 'til you make it.
Credit: Courtesy of "Friends" via Netflix

It's T-minus six months and counting until your wedding day and while the venue is booked, the rest of your two-page to-do list remains unchecked. You've been engaged for months already, and just about everyone you know including the UPS guy has asked about your dress, your flowers, your honeymoon, and pretty much every other detail ever associated with a wedding. Problem is, you've been so bogged down by information and options, the volumes of which you never knew existed, you're in a perpetual state of shock and awe. While inside you are screaming for someone, anyone to come and weed through the vortex that is your inbox, the last thing you need is to convey that chaos to the outside world. Have you read The Secret? Instead, fake it like a boss. Here's how.

Have one measured response at the ready-for everything

What does your dress look like? What kind of flowers are in your bouquet? How will you wear your hair? The onslaught will ensue from the moment you get engaged. And while every question feels like an assault on your psyche don't let them see you sweat. Flash a coy smile, maybe even wink if you have to, and say, "It's a surprise."

Always carry your iPad-and in a case

1) It's much lighter and more organized looking than a binder with all that over-stuffed paper.

2) You can pull up any wedding-related Pinterest board on a moment's notice even if you've never so much as used it yourself.

3) You will seem like the most efficient, type-A person among everyone you know and people will secretly be envious of your organizational skills because that one small tablet (to the outside world) holds every imaginary timeline, seating chart, and program. And you can password protect it so no one will actually know it in fact holds the key to nothing at all.

Get a blowout

Because good hair trumps everything else that might be going wrong in your life and can make you look instantly pulled-together regardless of how much of a disaster you feel. Plus, looking good means generally, most of the time, feeling better about yourself, so maybe you'll actually be motivated to accomplish something.

Have a wedding-planning book on your coffee table

Even if you have yet to open it, anyone who enters your home will immediately think you've got this; you're on it. Have a gently used copy overnighted and throw a few post-it notes in between the pages for extra effect. The art of illusion is a powerful thing.

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Create a Pinterest board IRL

This might take more than 10 minutes-15 max-but the effect will be magical. It almost guarantees anyone you know will think you are the most highly organized uber bride who ever existed. Channel your old-fashioned collaging skills; grab a wedding mag (it can literally be one issue), and pin, pin away inspiration, even in fact you are uninspired.


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