11 Dos and Don'ts for Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Bouquets

bride and bridesmaids bouquets
The Great Romance

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your big day, so the flowers they will carry are important, too. Since your 'maids will be among the most heavily photographed group of the day, you'll want to make sure their attire look is picture-perfect—straight down to the floral accessories.

While you don't have to stress too much about the flowers your best girls will carry down the aisle, you should give their arrangements just as much thought as your own. Sure, they don't have to be huge or packed with an intricate mix of different blooms, but their floral bouquets should complement your arrangement, their dresses, and the overall vibe of the day.

Want to make sure your bridesmaids' arrangements really wow? Here, 11 industry experts share their dos and don'ts of the bridesmaid bouquet. From tips on colors and style to size and unique shapes, you'll be glad you read all about these important bouquets before you meet with your florist.

"Many couples think that the florals should match the bridesmaids' dresses by being the same colors or shades of colors, however it's much better to use varying shades of your color palette to complement the dresses. For example, blush pink dresses with soft whites, soft pinks, darker pinks, and greens."—Anna Le Pley Taylor,

Owner & Lead Designer,

Anna Le Pley Taylor

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Make an Impact

colorful bouquet
Kayla Barker

"Use your bridesmaids' bouquets as an opportunity to bring in a broader range of color to create impact."—Michelle Hodges, Owner & Designer, Sprout Floral & Event Design

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Go Sleek

black dresses with white bouquet
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"For a sleek and modern look, keep it simple with white flowers, exposed green stems, and black dresses."—Beth Bernstein, Owner & Event Director, SQN Events

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Allow for Some Individuality

bridesmaid bouquets pinks
Kristen Kilpatrick

"As the women who stand by your side during one of the biggest moments of your life, the bouquet you gift to them should symbolize the love and admiration you have for them. We recommend that your bridal bouquet differ slightly from the bridesmaids' to signify their supportive role in your big day."—Elizabeth McKellar, Owner & Creative Director, The Nouveau Romantics

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Think Outside the Box

white corsage
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"Traditions are changing and brides shouldn't fear thinking outside the box when it comes to wedding party florals. Maybe you wish to skip bouquets all together but still want your maids to feel important. Treat them with a floral cuff like these for a unique spin on bridesmaid flowers."—Alise Davis, Owner & Principal Designer, Olive Willow Designs

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Remember the Ribbon

bride and bridesmaids bouquets
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"Do think about what's wrapping the bouquets. We love including sweet strands of hand-dyed silk ribbon. While this may sometimes be too "whimsical" of a trend for the bride herself, it's a great way to add depth to your girls' overall floral look."—Courtney Wolf, Wedding Planner, Invision Events

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Keep It Clean

bride and bridesmaids bouquets
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"Do go for a monochromatic palette with the bouquets if the bridesmaids' dresses are different prints and styles to keep the overall look from getting messy."—Wendy Kay, Owner & Creative Director, Birds of a Feather Events

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Small Is Beautiful

small bouquet
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"Do you want blooms to be the focal point of your pictures or just a simple accent? If just an accent is the case, then maybe go with smaller bouquets that blend in with the wedding colors. These girls carried very simple arrangements that let their bright dresses speak for themselves!"—Diana Venditto, Owner & Creative Director, Eventi Floral & Events

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Complement the Bridal Bouquet

bridesmaid bouquets white
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"We always ensure that each bridesmaid's bouquet is in a similar style but slightly smaller in scale in comparison to the bride's bouquet. Having similar flowers that are in both bouquets but saving some specialty blooms for the bridal bouquet is a great way of having them complement each other without competing. It's important that the bridal bouquet stand out as it is the most photographed floral arrangement of the entire wedding."—Isabella Sikaffy,

Owner & Creative Director,

Florabella Studios

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Avoid Too Much Scent

white bridesmaid bouquets
O'Malley Photographers

"Avoid overly scented flowers (like lilies, lilacs, or jasmine) as your 'maids will be holding these beautiful flowers all day long. Any overly potent blooms can cause headaches or allergies."—Aleah & Nick Valley, Owners, Valley & Company Events

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Go Bold

bright pink bouquets
Lavender and Twine

"Don't be afraid of color when it comes to your bridesmaid bouquets. Even if you're sticking to a more neutral palette elsewhere, including bold shades creates a lot of impact especially against darker bridesmaids' dresses."—Bree Franzen, Owner, Rockrose Floral Design

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