These artisanal scents are unlike anything you've smelled before.
Credit: Jaka Vinsek

First came the microbrews. Then the artisanal cheeses. Now the small-batch approach has hit perfumes, with a slew of new niche fragrances that feel utterly one-of-a-kind-and unlike anything you'll smell on anyone else. Created by pedigreed perfumers and talented newcomers, they blend high-quality ingredients in combinations that make each scent eau so unique. (Pictured clockwise from top.)

Southern Charm

Savannah Magnolia by Nomaterra

For the bride who . . . "likes fresh, simple, upbeat scents," says creator Agnieszka Burnett. "This citrus and floral mix spotlights the magnolia trees that bloom every spring."

Notable notes: white grapefruit, magnolia, and velvet musk ($130,

Exotic Voyage

Siwa by Memo Paris

For the bride who . . . "wants to be surrounded by a soft, comforting fragrance," founder Clara Molloy crafted a scent inspired by "the Egyptian oasis where an oracle used to tell the future to visitors like Alexander the Great and Cleopatra."

Notable notes: cinnamon leaf, French narcissus, whiskey, popcorn, musk, and vanilla ($210,

Smooth Oriental

Ambre Nomade by Élisire

For the bride who . . . "shines like the sun," says creator Franck Salzwedel. He was inspired by the color saffron while building this musky scent, which "evokes Bali, the Orient, and the sunset."

Notable notes: apple, ginger, apricot, frankincense, ylang ylang, patchouli, and vanilla ($290,

Tart Citrus

L'Etrog by Arquiste

For the bride who . . . "wants something tart and juicy," Arquiste founder Carlos Hube created L'Etrog as an homage to the fall harvest in medieval Calabria, Italy, during the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth, "when families would gather in cabins built of palm fronds and branches."

Notable notes: citron, bergamot, myrtle, date, and vetiver ($165,

Lovely Lilac

Désarmant by La Parfumerie Moderne

For the bride who . . . "will not settle for a Prince Humperdinck," perfumer Philippe Neirinck based this fragrance on a vial containing a mysterious scent that was left behind at an abandoned 1920s French resort, which he found when he was on vacation as a child.

Notable notes: white flowers, osmanthus, cinnamon, rose, and Madagascar vanilla ($220,

Bright Floral

Tsiling by Raymond Matts

For the bride who . . . "is spontaneous and playful," says Matts. "I asked myself, ‘What type of fragrance would I design for Andy Warhol?' " He calls the result "flirtatious and unexpected."

Notable notes: Asian pear, 
iris, honeysuckle, milk, and rice ($200,


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