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Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Who knew the royal family was so romantic? On her wedding day, Duchess Kate's lily of the valley bouquet was accented with a sprig of myrtle-a royal family tradition dating back nearly 200 years to Queen Victoria's own big day. And now what could be called one of the most romantic trees in the world is open to visitors!

Ever since Queen Victoria's 1840 wedding day, a sprig of myrtle from that same tree, which is located in the lower terrace at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, according to People, has been added to the bouquets of countless royal brides. And now the Telegraph is reporting you can take a firsthand look at-and even catch a whiff of those historic branches.

The terrace on which the tree is situated was known as one of Queen Victoria's favorite spots to sit and paint while on the Isle of Wight, and now that the Osborne House has undergone £600,000 worth of renovations as part of the English Heritage restoration project, it's ready to welcome new generations of visitors.

While the myrtle tree, which symbolizes love, may be the main attraction for hopeless romantics, it isn't the only reason to visit the historic retreat. Victoria's seaside terrace is stunning, and also features the Andromeda fountain, which was purchased by the late queen in 1851 and has also been restored as part of the project. Sounds like an all-around win for love to us!

In the meantime, we'll be eyeing that list of past royal weddings that included a bit of myrtle (Princess Diana and the Queen each had a sprig in their bouquets, too) and wondering when we'll be able to add Meghan Markle's name to the tally.


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